Info for Cricut users outside the US

If you're outside of the US here's some links/info that might come in handy.

Power requirements for Cricuts

All models of the Cricut (from the Personal right up to the Maker) are dual voltage. That means that if you purchase one direct from the US you won't need a transformer to use it.  

All you will need to do is swap out the supplied US power cord for an Australian version.  Here's a picture of what you need...

These are very inexpensive and easily found at most stores that sell computer accessories. Here's a few options:

Your other option is to use the US cord that comes with the machine and plug it into a US to AUS travel adapter. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Cricut EasyPress is NOT dual voltage. If you purchase one from the USA you will need to purchase a step down voltage converter/transformer to convert the power from 110 volts to 240 volts. 

I have no recommendations on which converter you should purchase but here's a link I found to a company in Australia that sells them.

iPad/iPhone Design Space app

The Design Space iOS app is now available in more countries iTunes store. Australia being one of them! ☺

Purchasing Digital carts/Cricut Access subscription from outside the US/Canada.

Update - March 2020. There have been changes to the Cricut website which has stopped the infomation below from working with an Australian credit card.   I am waiting for my new Cash Passport credit card to arrive and will update if that one works. 

Currently only US, Canada and UK are listed as country options at the billing screen.

Here's some info on how international members can purchase the digital carts/subscription from

You will need a US address. You can Google any business address in the US (eg Pizza Hut) and use those details. Or you can use a service such as Create a free account there and you will be given a US postal address. If you want to purchase physical products from Cricut you can have your order sent to that address (taking advantage of the free shipping within the US). You then pay them the shipping costs from the US to your home address. Payment is made through PayPal.

For digital purchases you're just using the US address they give you.

1) Set up your Billing address as follows:

  • After you have added your digital cartridge/subscription to your shopping basket Click Proceed to Checkout 

  • Select your billing address from the drop down list.
  • Complete your credit card details. Some Australian Debit cards don't work so be sure to have a Credit card available. You can use a prepaid MasterCard (available from most supermarkets) or a Multi Currency Cash Passport (available from the Post Office and banks.)

    Then in the "Name on card" field type in exactly what it says on the card eg: PREPAID MASTERCARD or your name.

  • Click Place Order 

And that's it. Your purchase should go through and you'll receive an email confirmation.

Purchasing images through the iOS app

These images are billed to your iTunes account so the above steps are not necessary.  

Vinyl info for Australians

Adzon -
Craftonline -
Graphic Art Mart -        Avery 700 is the equivalent of Oracal 651 (outdoor)
       Avery 500 is the equivalent of Oracal 631 (indoor)
      Chemica. This is their line of Heat Transfer Vinyl. (HTV)
Princess and Puddin’ - (Patterned craft vinyl including both Heat Transfer Vinyl and Self Adhesive Vinyl in custom cut 12″ x 12″ sheets) Scrapbook Boutique -
Skatkatz -
Spotlight - - Sells Cricut vinyl and American Crafts vinyl. (Haven’t seen any good reviews for the American Crafts vinyl.)
The Vinyl Loft - Vinyl World -


Unknown said...

This page has been a life saver. Only 12 hours ago I purchased my Cricut Explore Air and having it delivered to a US address and then having it forwarded to me. Earlier today, I tried to download the app and it wouldn't let me and I panicked! What a waste of money this was. I tried googling what to do and found your page! Thank you! Now I cant wait to get my hands on my machine! I'm a first time user so loads to learn!

2 Men and a Baby said...

Hi. Did it work for you?

2 Men and a Baby said...

Hi. Did it work for you?

Kerry A O'Hanlon said...

Yes Shazza220 did it work for you and are you happy with your Cricut explore Sir

Ellie said...

thank you ..i have had my cricut air for 3 months and have just found this page..i have bought a few cartridges but most of the time i only want a few i can finally shop from the design space.

b*lota said...

Is hopshopgo safe to use?

Narelle said...

HopShopGo is very safe to use. It's for PayPal users only so when you pay your shipping to them you have the PayPal security. I have used them around ten times so far to send Cricut items from the US to Australia.

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