Info for Cricut users outside the US

If you're outside of the US here's some links/info that might come in handy.

iPad/iPhone Design Space app

As the app is currently only available in the US/Canada app store you will need to create a US iTunes account. 

There's no cost involved. You will have to be signed into the US account to use the app

Here's a blog post I found with instructions. 

Make sure you watch the video as she skipped a couple of important details in her post that she covered in the video.

The app is now available in more countries iTunes store. Australia being one of them! ☺

Purchasing Digital carts from outside the US/Canada.

(These are my old instructions. The screens have changed and I will update them asap!) 

Currently only US and Canada are listed as country options at the billing screen.

Here's some info on how international members can purchase the digital carts from

After you have added your digital cartridge to your shopping basket:
  • At the first screen insert a valid US zip code
  • Press Continue to checkout

  • At the next screen complete the details as follows (click on the picture to enlarge it)
  • Click Continue

  • Click the Submit Order button
 All going well you'll then see this screen:

And that's it. Your purchase should go through and you'll receive an email confirmation.

Please note - depending on how your credit card is set up this may not work.

If it doesn't work you might consider purchasing a pre-paid Mastercard. Then in the "Name on card" field type in exactly what it says on the card eg: PREPAID MASTERCARD

Do not use Canada as the country. While your purchase will initially go through you will then receive another email stating that your money has been refunded and shortly after the cartridge will be removed from your CCR cartridge list.

Vinyl info for Australians sells Avery vinyl. (Not Oracal)

Download their 2015 catalogue then go to:

Page 89 - Avery 700. This is the equivalent of Oracal 651 (outdoor)
Page 93 - Avery 500. This is the equivalent of Oracal 631 (indoor)
Page 111 - Chemica. This is their line of Heat Transfer Vinyl. (HTV)

If you're looking to purchase physical Cricut cartridges (and lots of other craft items) check out Terri Olsen at Stamps Alive!

She has great service and prices and really looks after those of us that don't live in the USA.


Shazza220 said...

This page has been a life saver. Only 12 hours ago I purchased my Cricut Explore Air and having it delivered to a US address and then having it forwarded to me. Earlier today, I tried to download the app and it wouldn't let me and I panicked! What a waste of money this was. I tried googling what to do and found your page! Thank you! Now I cant wait to get my hands on my machine! I'm a first time user so loads to learn!

2 Men and a Baby said...

Hi. Did it work for you?

2 Men and a Baby said...

Hi. Did it work for you?

Kerry A O'Hanlon said...

Yes Shazza220 did it work for you and are you happy with your Cricut explore Sir

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