Creating a shadowed word (similar to the Thank You card Make it Now project) using Chalkboard fonts cartridge 
Designing while you're cutting 
Importing JPG files into Design Space
Importing SVG files into Design Space
Resizing the Nativity Pop-up card from DigiPlayground 
Using Hide Contour 
Using Samantha font in Design Space
Using Kadoodle Bug Designs Print then Cut images with Design Space 
What's new in Design Space 2.0 part 1 - Overview
What's new in Design Space 2.0 part 2 - The Insert Image screen
What's new in Design Space 2.0 part 3 - Layers, Edit, Sync & Canvas panels
What's new in Design Space 2.0 part 4 - More on searching for images
What's new in Design Space 2.0 part 5 - Upload SVG's 


Print then Cut - maximum cut size 
Replacing the pen holder in the Cricut Explore
Saving paper with Print then Cut 


Creating a split letter monogram


Free Box Card cut file for Design Space 


Cricut and Silhouette - which machines work with which software programs?
Latest software and firmware version info
Linking cartridges to your Cricut account 
Resetting the Expression 2
Forcing a firmware update on the Personal, Create and Expression


Cartridge list: Part 1 (3 - M) Full list of Cricut cartridges including digital.
     With links to the PDF handbook where available.
 Cartridge list: Part 2 (N - Z) Full list of Cricut cartridges including digital. 
     With links to the PDF handbook where available.
PDF list of Cartridge codes that can be used with Cricut Design Space
PDF with samples images of all Cricut cartridges containing fonts
Spring Cottage reference sheet
Team Spirit mascot images with description
List of Seasonal cartridges
List of Retired cartridges
List of cartridges not included in the subscription 


Autofill - how to use it
Copying or moving objects to a different layer
CCR vs Design Studio vs Gypsy comparison chart
Importing CCR & Gypsy files 
Keyboard shortcuts
Making your own font shadow
Welded titles and shadows
Making a split letter monogram
Paper Doll Teen Scene layering 
Using Imagine Art cartridges in other Cricuts (does not apply to the Explore) 


Design Studio error messages
Final cartridge update
Fixing Date errors 
Real Dial Size - what is it and how do I use it? 
Positioning your paper on the mat 
Renaming pages
Speeding up DS load time


November 2014 Gypsy update info


Using print and cut with digital stamps
Outside the box technique


Unknown said...

Can you use fonts on computer in CCR? I jsut recently got the Cricut Expression. The reason i went with this on is I was told I could use the fonts on my computer with Expression.

Narelle said...

Hi Lisa. The only Cricut that can cut fonts from your computer is the Explore which uses different software called Design Space. Cricut Craft Room can only use fonts from Cricut Cartridges. Several years ago it was possible to use 3rd party programs called "Sure Cuts a Lot" and "Make the Cut" to use fonts from your computer, but following a lawsuit by Provocraft those programs now no longer work with any Cricut.

Unknown said...

Hi Narelle! Just wondering if you have had any experience with Windows 8.1 and if it is compatible with the CCR. My program forced me to update to 8.1 last week. Do you know if there is any way to revert back to 8.0?? Thanks for your time!!

Narelle said...

Hi Sue,

I'm using Windows 8.1 with CCR just fine. ☺ You'll need to download the CCR update from

Unknown said...

Hi Narelle, I just found you and am in awe! Thank you. I have a question. I downloaded the box card in ccr, everything cut and scored wonderfully with one little issue, the flap to put the box together on the bottom cut off when it cut the box out. Is there a newer file I should have downloaded? Thank you.

Narelle said...

Hi Michelle, I'll go take a look at that file and let you know if there's a problem.

TotellyTrendyByCindy said...

Hello Narelle, can you point me in the right direction where I might be able to download Build 179 of Cricut Craft Room please? I was reading on your blogspot, where you had 13 files to download for Build 132 and a comment was made by another viewer stating that Provocraft finally got smart and listed downloads for previous builds of CCR but I am unable to find it i my searches. I am wanting Build 179 since you stated it seemed to to work better for the older Imagine machine. Is this Build 179 for CCR still available? Thank you kindly if you are able to point me in the right direction. As it stands, I have the most current build I believe, which is build 187 ... Cindy

Narelle said...

Hi Cindy. I'm pretty certain that build 187 is a forced update. So, while I can give you a link to 179, you'll most likely still be forced to go to 187 when you try to use CCR.

CCR Build 179


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and enjoyed each one that a I read. I recently inherited a Cricut Imagine. Is there someplace you can direct me to learn how to use design space, etc. I would just like to know what features are available to use with this machine. It's only been used a couple of times and hate not to put it to work for me. Thanks so very Much!! Kim

Narelle said...

Hi Kim,

The Cricut Imagine doesn't work with Design Space. Design Space only works with the Explore range of Cricut machines.

You can use the Imagine as a standalone using the Cricut cartridges or you can use an online program called Cricut Craft Room. With that program you can create your designs using the artwork from Cricut Cartridges. I have another blog that deals with Cricut Craft Room that should help you learn how to use it. Just keep in mind that I haven't posted to that blog for a long time (pretty much since the Explore was released 2 years ago) and some of the info might be outdated. Cricut Craft Room blog

There is also a Facebook group called Cricut Craft Room Facebook group

You should be able to find lots of info and help there.

Good luck with your machine. ☺


Elizabeth Jane said...

This might sound really silly:

I'm trying out using a Cricut Expression 2 that a friend let me borrow. There was a specific craft that I was looking to do, and I have downloaded on my computer the project in two ways: as SVG files and as a PDF. I've tried importing them both to CCR and to Design Studio, and they don't appear.

Is there any way to get them to where I can use them? Do I need to convert them to a different format? Any help would be VERY APPRECIATED!!

Thank you,


Narelle said...

Elizabeth, sooty to say that there is no way to use non-Cricut images (svg's, jpg's etc) with the Expression 2. It is strictly a Cricut cartridge based machine. You can use it with CCR (but not Design Studio or Design Space) but you are still limited to using Cricut images. You also can't use it with 3rd party programs such as Sure Cuts a Lot or Make the Cut.

Narelle said...

Typo... *sorry... not sooty!

Dana Lindner said...

Hi, I have an expressions2 and from what I am reading, that limits me a lot. I use craft room. My Mom sent me a picture of a sign she wants me to make her that says "Be still and know that I am God." I bought an old piece of wood, none of the fonts that I own are like the one in the picture. So by reading your previous questions I think I understand that I cannot get someone like you to design this for me and import it and use it in craft room and expressions 2, correct? I have to buy more fonts (I have so many) and design it myself, no help from outside like completed files?

Narelle said...

Hi Dana,

The Expression 2 does limit your font choices because it can only use Cricut fonts. There are a lot more Cricut fonts now but many of them are only available when using the Cricut Design Space program that's used to run the Cricut Explore machine.

The Expression 2 can use the Cricut Craft Room (CCR) design program. But again, it's still limited to Cricut images and fonts. Someone could create your design for you and share that file with you so you could open it in CCR and cut it but you would need to own the same fonts that they used.

I don't actually design for anyone else so wouldn't be able to help you in that regard.

If you haven't tried the CCR here's the link.
For Windows:
For Mac:

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