Monday, March 31, 2014

CRICUT: Handbooks and subscriptions

Recently, Provocraft added a list of cartridges with links to the handbooks. You can find that list here:

You might want to bookmark that page, as so far I haven't found anywhere on the Cricut website that has a direct link to that page. They sure don't make it easy sometimes!

Not all of the cartridges are listed, so if you want a full list of cartridges (whether they have a handbook or not) you can find my list here: (Please click the "Join this Site" to become a follower if you find the list useful! Then I'll know whether to keep updating it.)

Also new on the Cricut website is a list of all the carts/images that are included in the Cricut Image Library Subscription. Again, it's hidden so here's the link:

I wanted to know which carts weren't included so I went through the list and came up with these carts:

Feel free to share the link to this list. 

Please, do not copy and paste this list to your Facebook page.
Do not copy and paste this list to your Blog.
Do not copy and paste this list into a document and email it or save it to a file sharing site.

Instead, give your readers the link to this post where they can visit and get the list themselves.

Click on the link below to download the list.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

CRICUT: Gypsy Linking

PC have advised that the Gypsy Linking process in Cricut Craft Room is currently not working.

They are working on fixing the problem but have not advised how long that might take.

If/When they post that it's fixed I'll update here.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

CRICUT: Design Space - Using Hide Contour

Here's a quick demo on using the Hide Contour feature in Cricut Design Space.

I'm using the Berry basket image from the Spring Cottage cartridge and I'll be hiding the handle.

  • Add the shape to your canvas in Design Space and resize it
  • Click on the image to select it
  • Click the Ungroup button at the bottom of the Layers properties box

  • Click anywhere on the image to select it 

Don't drag a box around it or click Select All. 

If you do, the Detach option won't be available!

  • Right click on the image and select Detach from the drop down menu

If you click in the middle of the image the scoring layer will then be highlighted. 
Don't move this layer. Instead.....

  • Click on another part of the image (in this case I clicked on the handle) to select it again.

Again, don't drag a box around it or click Select All. 

If you do, the Contour option won't work!

  • Click the Contour button on the Layers properties box

The shape will turn blue with the edges a darker blue

  • Click anywhere on the handle. The outer edge of the handle will turn a light blue

  • Click any blank section of the canvas to deselect the image.

The handle will disappear. 

  • Drag a box around the image or click Select All
  • Right click and select Attach - or click the Attach button in the Layers properties box.  (You have to do this step so that the score lines are again attached to the main image.)

And that's it! Hope it helps.

Till next time!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

CRICUT: Creative Memories cartridges re-released

Did you miss out on any of the Creative Memories cartridges? Well, there's good news!

Provocraft have re-released the CM cartridges and they're currently on sale for $29.99 each.

Get in fast because I'm sure stock will be limited!

Here's the link to the shopping page:

Best of Times

Be Young

Cheerful Seasons

Divine Wedding

Holiday Frames & Tags

Reminisce Accents

Storks Delivery

This & That

Tiny Treasures

'Tis the Season

Total Sports


Saturday, March 8, 2014

CRICUT - Carts containing fonts - with samples

If you wish to download this list please first click the Join this Site button to become a follower....if you aren't already! ♥

An increase in the number of blog followers is the best indication I have as to whether I should continue to update this list. 

To ensure the integrity of the information in this file, unfortunately I am unable to share it as a Word Document. Thank you for your understanding. I also ask that you do not edit the PDF document in any way. 

Don't know which list to download? If you have never downloaded the list then you'll want the Full list.   If you have previously downloaded the full list, then you can just download the Additions list/s. 

8 March 2014 - Update to add carts Nov 2013 - March 2014

Full list:

Additions only:

4 Oct 2013 - Updated to add carts July - October 2013

Additions only:

Artbooking (CTMH)

Charmed (Circle Exclusive)

Digital Numbers

Hebrew fonts - Classic

Hebrew Fonts - Modern

Library Fonts

Total Sports (CM)

7/9/2013 - Update to add carts for May - June 2013

Additions only:

29/4/2013 - Updated to add carts for Mar - April 2013

Additions only:

Tiny Treasures (Creative Memories)


The First Few Years
22/1/2013 - Updated to add carts from October 2013 - January 2013

Additions only:

11/10/2012 - Updated to add August and September fonts plus some others that I had missed.

Additions only -

24/07/2012 - Updated to add July fonts (there were no fonts released in June) - A Frightful Affair, Artiste and Fontopia

July fonts only -

8/5/2012 - Updated to add May font - Wild Card 2 

May font only -

17/03/2012 - Update to add March fonts - Art Deco and Chip Decor. I've also added the Roman Numerals digital cart.

March fonts only -

17/02/2012 - Updated to add February font Creative Memories Divine Wedding.

February font only -

27/01/2012 - Updated to add January Fonts from Letter Envy, Olé and Type Candy Font.

January fonts only - 

16/12/2011 - Updated to add December font - Creative Memories This & That and a cart that was previously missed - Baby Boutique.

December fonts only -

19/11/2011 - Updated to add November fonts - Cricut Craft Room Basics, Cricut Font and Basic Shapes and Greek Alphabet.

November fonts only -
22/10/2011 - Updated to add October fonts - Go Canada, 'Tis the Season, Noah's ABC Animals, Ribbons & Rosettes and Sweater Weather.

October fonts only -
23/8/2011 - Missed the font from Paper Lace 2. It will appear in the next edition of the list. In the mean time I have uploaded an Additions sheet for it. 

Here's the link:

And here's what it looks like.

15/8/2011 - Updated to add July fonts - Art Nouveau, Art Philosophy and Something to Celebrate

July additions only version:  

24/6/2011 - Updated to add June fonts - Ornamental Iron 2, Teresa Collins Sophisticated, Creative Memories Traveler. There is one small error. Font 2 on the Sophisticated cart has the shadow, not Font 1 as I have noted. 

June only fonts (not the full document:

23/5/2011 - Updated to add April cart - American Alphabet - plus other changes:

April only fonts (not the full document) -

March 2011 - I have added Storks Delivery to the Carts with Fonts list. Here's a peek at the fonts on Storks Delivery...

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