Thursday, June 26, 2014

CRICUT: Tri-fold Shutter card cut file

Hi everyone,

Today I have a tri-fold shutter card cut file to share with you. But not just any old tri-fold!

I've used a template shared by Sandy Allnock. Many of you will know Sandy as the founder of Operation Write Home. If you're familiar with her blog you may have even seen the card below!

Sandy took the regular tri-fold shutter card and adapted it to make more room for writing a message. I love this version!

They are so easy to put together and so much fun to decorate! Thanks Sandy for allowing me to use your design for my cut file.

Sandy has a video showing how to fold and assemble the card so make sure you check it out!

Click the image below to go to her tutorial. 

Make sure you leave her some blog love while you're there!

It's an awesome version and I'm very grateful that she was happy for me to share it with you as a cut file!

Here's Sandy's gorgeous tri-fold card!

Here's my version partly decorated.... I kind of had "embellishment block" at this point but wanted to share the file with you, so here it is!

Please remember: These files are for your PERSONAL USE ONLY and should not be shared via upload; email or in any Facebook/Yahoo/Patreon or other type of group/page. 

Please don't take credit for my files and claim them as your own and definitely do not charge for them! 

The files are free for you to use in your projects. You don't have to say where you got the file but I sure would appreciate it if you did!

Remember all I ask is that you become a follower of my blog using Google Friend Connect before you download the files.

Here's the links you'll need for the files:

Design Space

Cricut Craft RoomCCR Tri-fold shutter card
Alternate download from dropbox: Tri-fold shutter card

GypsyGypsy tri-fold shutter card
Alternate download from dropbox: Gypsy tri-fold

Please use the alternate download link when I have exceeded my download allowance at 

As I mentioned in a previous post, this will be the last file I share in the Gypsy format.

Cutting instructions:

Please note, my version is just under 11.5" wide. (Sandy's is 12" wide.)  That's because the Cricut can't cut any wider than 11.5" when using the standard 12" mat. 

When cutting the file in Design Space, just make sure you have the scoring tool in the A tool holder. The scoring will be done first then the cutting.

When cutting the file in CCR or from the Gypsy always do the scoring layer first. (The tabs are named appropriately.)

The easiest way to score is to use your regular blade. Turn the depth down to 3 and pressure to minimum. If you are using CCR select Vinyl or light cardstock as the type of material being cut.

When the scoring layer has been done return the blade depth/pressure/material to its usual setting then do the cutting layer.

For folding/assembly instructions check out Sandy Allnocks video here:

I hope you enjoy using the file!

If you're looking to chat with other Cricut Design Space users come join my Design Space Facebook group Cricut Explore and More.

Happy crafting!  ♥


Caro said...

Brilliant! I especially appreciate the Explore-friendly modifications. Can't wait to try making one of these. Thanks!

Diane Hodrick said...

Wow this is fabulous Narelle! Thanks so know I've never made one of these...can't wait to try!

Cesspav said...

Years ago, I made one of these, with old trimmer and scorer ! I just LOVE my Explore, thank you for sharing !

Peggy T. said...

Thank you for your generosity, Narelle. Look forward to using it.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this and the instructions! This is definitely a card I will try!

Jacqui said...

Thank you so much for sharing Narelle and Sandy! That was easy peasy to cut and it came out regular size to boot! Great job!

ksqueenb said...

Thanks for sharing. I was going to try to do this myself but why invent the wheel? You are so generous and helpful. THanks

Sandy said...

Hi Narelle! After all this time I finally posted the card format again (, and linked over here. Thanks again for creating the Cricut files!

Cardcrafter said...

Thank you for the tri fold shutter card cut file! I love this card, and you have made it so easy! I do have a question--while I will not share your file with anyone else, I would like to put a picture of the card I made on my personal blog--is that allowed? I will make a link to your blog.

Narelle said...

Yes of course you can post your card on your blog. ☺

And a link back to my blog (or my Facebook page) would be great. :)

So glad you liked the card.

Narelle ☺

jmartz1066 said...

i love this but I think I am missing something in your pic where the light square is I didn't have one am I missing something?
thank you

jmartz1066 said...

the purple shutter card example sorry forgot to add that

Narelle said...

It was missing!! Thanks for letting me know. :)

I've just added the two missing rectangles. If you click on the link in the above posts you'll get the updated version.


jmartz1066 said...

thank you I am VERY new to this and I thought I was missing something thank you again

Joan Smith said...

OMG Thanks so much for sharing your cut very generous of you. I can't wait to try it out. Your card is so gorgeous....Again Thanks so much!! Hope you have a Tremendously Terrific Thursday......YOU so ROCK!!

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