Sunday, September 14, 2014

Easel card with drawer

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Just a quick post to share a free Cricut Design Space project I created.

The project is an Easel card with drawer. You can attach a calendar to the easel or add a photo. Whatever works for you!

You might need some assembly instructions.

Here's a diagram showing the different pieces in the design.

The easel is put together in the usual way. Fold the Easel card base in half, then fold again to create a triangle.

Take the Easel panel and adhere it to the from of the Easel base.

Here's a side view.

Fold drawer enclosure 1 along the score lines and adhere the two tabs. Apply tape to the sides as shown below.

Fold Drawer enclosure 2 and adhere the two tabs.

Drawer enclosure 2 is turned upside down and fits inside Draw enclosure 1 and is slightly smaller for that reason.

Make sure you put the two together so that you have an opening at the front.

Remove the tape from enclosure 1 and adhere the two together.

Fold the drawer layer along the score lines and adhere the tabs.

Slide the drawer into the enclosure. If you have trouble inserting the drawer because of the tabs on the inside of the enclosure, you can cut two strips and adhere them to the inside of the sides of the assembled enclosure.

Take the two handles pieces and adhere them on top of each other. This makes the handle stronger.
I used brads to attach the handle to the drawer.

If you haven't tried the Cricut faux leather, I think it would be great for the handle for this project.

If you use faux leather you would only need to cut one of the handle pieces.

Place the decorative shape piece on the top of the box and position so that the easel stands correctly.
I used pop dots to give mine some height and to hold the easel better.

Add the rest of the decorative layers and you're done!

Sturdy cardstock would be a good idea for this project. Especially if you're going to be adding anything with weight to the easel.

Here's the link for the Design Space file:

Happy crafting!  ♥

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