Monday, November 17, 2014

CRICUT: A Gypsy update is available!

News just in..... PC have added some of the new cartridges to the Gypsy!

Here's the info from Cricut Jo Ann:

"Great news friends...

We have a new Gypsy update available with the following cartridges. 

Box It Up
Creative Everyday Card
Everyday Fonts
Home for the Holidays – Spring & Summer
Splendid Soiree
Soiree Lettering
Sophisticated Soiree
Summer Soirees
Simple Everyday Cards
Fancy Boxes
Indie Days
Potions and Spells
Close to My Heart – Artfully Sent

We are aware that Elegant Embellishments and Seasonal Soirees are not in this update as well as some of the more recent ones. We hope to have another update available sometime soon. Also, we have noticed that some of the cartridges are not showing up in alphabetical order so they might be a little harder to find. ☺"

In case you've forgotten how to do the update.... Power on your Gypsy, connect it to your Computer and open up Cricut Sync. It will check for updates then tell you that the Digital content rights have been updated.

Click OK to proceed

It's best to un-check the Imagine Application/Content options. You can do those later if necessary.

Click Update Now. The Install file and Data File will be downloaded. (Mine took about two minutes).

Then the updates will be uploaded. (About another 30 seconds)

The content will be installed. (About 1:15 min)

When the update is complete your content version will be 0281

Happy crafting!  ♥

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