Thursday, August 27, 2015

CRICUT: Creating a Chevron letter using Cricut fonts

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Chevron letters are extremely popular at the moment. And making them in Design Space using Cricut fonts is super easy!

First make sure the Cricut font you have chosen has a shadow. That's what you'll be using to create the outside edge of the letter.

Follow the steps below to create your letter.

Sometimes the sliced portion will be slightly too small and some parts of it won't be welded. In those cases I either use the other sliced piece or I slightly resize the sliced image to make it fit better.

And don't stop with letters. You can use any shape with a shadow in the same way.

And there are plenty of other patterns you can use other than the chevron.

Take a look at the Edge to Edge cartridge. There's lots to choose from there!

Happy crafting!  ♥


bearcatnat said...

This is an awesome trick! I wouldn't have thought to do a weld to create a negative cut-out pattern like that. Very clever. ; )

Unknown said...

Where does the chevron pattern come from?

Narelle said...

The image details are in the first photo.

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