Friday, January 15, 2016

All Occasions Box Cards sizing chart

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The sizing for this cartridge needs a little work. In the mean time, so you can use this awesome cartridge I've put together a sizing chart for you.

Be sure to read the instructions in the document.

The chart is free!

If you haven't yet purchased the cartridge please feel free to use my affiliate link: Click here to purchase All Occasions Box Cards

Be sure to use the code HAPPYCRAFTING to get 10% off your purchase. And if you're in the USA you'll also get free shipping if you order the physical cartridge.

You'll find the digital handbook here: All Occasions Box Cards handbook.

You can download the chart from my Box .com account here: All Occasions Box Cards sizing chart

Please note: There was an sizing error on the pdf for the Flower Basket box card. I have fixed the error and uploaded a new version.

The correct sizes for the Flower Basket box card are W: 22.63. H: 10.75.

Thanks to Ann for bringing it to my attention. ☺

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Happy crafting!  ♥


Mary Trevantino said...

Thanks, tons! This is so helpful! You are so generous to share with us!

Joan Smith said...

Hi Thanks for the All Occasion Box Card Share.....This cartridge is Amazing & Fabulous!!


Kyle Higgins said...

Because of you and your awesome tips and tricks and hints and pics... I just purchased this! Thanks for all the time you put into making our crafty lives easy and fun!

Lynda said...

Thank you for the sizing chart. I really appreciate it!

Ann said...

Thank you so much for the sizing chart. However, for the Flower Basket card, sized as width 33.17, I can't advance to the placement screen as I keep getting the message "image is too large". How do I fool the machine into allowing me to use the 33+-inch measurement? Thank you for quick reply....

Narelle said...

Looks like I have the wrong measurements for that one Ann.

The correct measurements are W: 22.63 and H: 10.75

I'll correct the error and reupload the PDF.

Thanks so much for letting me know. :)

Ann said...

thank you Narelle. You are the BEST!

4Ucards said...

I have a question. I just have the Expression and I don't use design space. I am wondering if anyone has the dimensions for scoring the inside piece that holds the embellishment. Or is there a way to score with my Expression. This is my first time using the universal key pad.
Any help would be very appreciated as I was hand making these and jump when I saw the cartridge.

Narelle said...

When you use this cartridge directly in the Expression, or by using Cricut Craft Room the Expression will cut very small tick marks where the score lines would normally go. That makes it easy to fold along those lines. Then you just use your regular bone folder to make a nice crease.

Ann said...

I have the Cricut Expression and use Cricut Craft Room. I am not sure how to "lock" the proportions or I don't understand. I am so, so frustrated because I am dying to make cards with this cartridge and am having trouble.

Narelle said...

Hi Ann,

CCR works differently than Design Space. Here's what you need to do.

1. Type the default height of your box card in the default height box at the bottom of the CCR keypad. The tall boxes are 5.5" and the wider boxes are 3.75". The handbook tells you which size to set. If you have purchased the digital cartridge here's the link to the digital handbook:

2. Make sure Relative size is set to ON. That's the first green button beside the default height box. If it's showing as green then you have it set. If it's not, be sure to click it.

3. Now all you need to do is add each layer to the CCR mat. They will all be sized correctly to fit the base of the card. Go through each of the tabs in CCR including the Shift of any key. The handbook also tells you which keys to press.

4. You'll find the envelope on the Basic tab. It's the only image on the bottom row. It will also be sized correctly to fit the completed card.

Hope that helps.


donna thomas said...

I've tried and tried and I can't find any tick marks anywhere in the paper!!!!! Please help me.

Narelle said...

Donna, which Cricut are you using?

donna thomas said...

Expression 2

Unknown said...

Hi I'm new to card making I have an old Cricut machine the little one it's short anyway I purchased from a yard sale my question is I don't have a computer but would love to purchase the all occasion box card cartridge or do I need a computer thank you hope that isn't the silliest question

Narelle said...

If you mean the Cricut Personal or Cricut Create (both use the 6" x 12" cutting mat) then yes, you can use this cartridge without a computer. You wouldn't be able to create the envelope that goes with the cards though as it's too big for the 6x12 mat.

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