Friday, February 5, 2016

Introducing Cricut Access - the new Cricut Subscription!

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The Cricut subscription just got even better! It is now called Cricut Access.

Why Cricut Access? Because when you sign up you immediately have access to Cricut's library of over 30,000 digital images, over 300 fonts and over 1000 Make it Now Projects! And the content is always increasing.

The price of the yearly subscription has been lowered from US$99.00 to US$95.88. That works out at $7.99 per month. 

The price of the yearly UK subscription has been lowered to £71.88. (That works out at £5.99 per month.) 
US account holders will also get 10% off all purchases at and in Cricut Design Space. That's on top of any existing sales!!

UK account holders will get 10% off their purchases made within Design Space. At this time this does not apply to purchase made at the UK Cricut site. (

Note: Those that already have an existing years subscription also qualify for the 10% discount!!

And as a subscriber you'll get to access new images, projects, and exclusive designs before anyone else.

You'll notice some changes in Design Space that reflect the changes. (Currently in the desktop version only. The iOS app will show the changes at a later date.) 

Any images, cartridges, projects, patterns and fonts that are included in the subscription will be marked with a little "a" icon. 

The drop down fonts list has been enlarged so you can see more fonts. Again, if the font is in the subscription it will be marked that way.

The Make it Now projects will also show the little icon if they are part of Cricut Access.

As will the images in the library. 

Use the filter to view just the images that are part of Cricut Access.

The cartridges list will also show the Access icon.

Use the filter to select just those cartridges that are part of Cricut Access.

There will be more details coming soon in a FAQ document from Cricut.
In the mean time you can check out this short video by Cricut.

Happy crafting!  ♥

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