Thursday, May 19, 2016

CRICUT: Slicing apart SVG files in Design Space

Sometimes you'll be using a SVG that has multiple parts grouped together, and you might want to cut some of those parts in a different colour. Or not cut some of them at all.  One option is to use the Contour tool to hide the parts you don't want to cut.

But if you want to separate the pieces so you can place them on different layers? In that case you can use the Slice tool.

In the example below I'm using a SVG called Flora Gatefold Card from Dreaming Tree.

I'm working on the blue layer and want to separate the two pieces so I can change the colour of the bottom piece. (That's the piece that goes behind the flap on the envelope.)

If you have attached the score lines to the shape you will have to first detach them. Otherwise the Slice tool won't be available.

To check, click on the image and if the Attach tool lights up (in the Layers panel) it means you haven't attached them and you're good to go.

If however it shows Detach, then that means you have attached them and will need to click Detach. Once you've done that you're ready to proceed with slicing your file to pieces. ☺

You'll notice that the Ungroup button is available on this image. However that doesn't ungroup the two pieces, but just ungroups the score lines from the card base.

It is important however that you do ungroup the image if it has score lines as you can only slice two layers at once. The score lines are considered a layer which is why you need to ungroup them from the image. 

Don't be tempted to just hide the score line layer using the Contour tool. If you use the Contour tool to hide the lines instead, then yes you will be able to slice... however once your slice has been completed the score lines will have also been deleted. 

Now that you have ungrouped the image you can begin to slice it apart.

Click the Insert Images tool then click the Square. (Choose a shape that works best with the image that you are slicing.)

Place the square over the image you wish to slice. In this case I placed it over the shape below the card base.

Click on the lock button to unlock the shapes proportions. This will allow you to stretch the square into a rectangle.

Stretch the shape and position it so it completely covers the bottom image. Make sure it doesn't touch the top image though.

Now, select just the card base and the rectangle.

You don't want to select the score lines as that will be three layers selected and Slice won't be available.

You can either click on the card base on the canvas and hold down the Shift key and click the rectangle. Or you can do the same from the Layers panel.

Once you have just those two layers selected click the Slice tool which should now be available.

Click the Slice tool.

After a few seconds the blue piece will appear on top of the grey rectangle.

Click on the blue piece and move it out of the way. Then click on the two remaining grey pieces and delete them.

(It doesn't matter whether you delete the blue shape or the grey shape. They are exactly the same size. When you slice an image the original shape is preserved and a new one is created. It's up to you which one you want to delete.) 

Now you'll be left with the two blue shapes, however they won't be grouped together anymore.

You can click on the envelope liner (that's the bottom blue shape and is now called Sliced Image) in the Layers panel and change the colour if you wish.

You could also click Print and flood fill this image with a pattern which will change just that piece to a Print the Cut image.

Before you go to cut this shape you will have to attach the score lines to the card.

You'll notice that the score lines aren't showing. That's because when we performed the slice, the layer that we weren't slicing was pushed to the back.

Click on the card layer then from the Arrange menu select Move to Back.

The score lines will reappear.

 Now you can select the card layer and the score lines and click Attach.

Note: You don't have to move the score lines to the front before you attach. They will still cut/score regardless of where they are positioned.

However, if the score lines are at the back they will cut/score first. Then the card base will be cut.

If the score lines are at the front, the card base will cut first. Then the score lines will cut/score. 

Would you like to see a video of this process? Well, Leo from Dreaming Tree has made one for you.  Enjoy!

Happy crafting!  ♥

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