Thursday, June 2, 2016

Dreaming Tree Chess King box

Just in time for Father's Day (in the USA anyway) is the new "King of the Castle" bundle from Dreaming Tree.

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There are three projects in this bundle... a crown cupcake box, a cascade card and a box in the shape of a chess king.

Here's my take on the chess king. ☺

Here's a photo of the full bundle courtesy of the Dreaming Tree website.

I've done quite a few of the Dreaming Tree projects now and assembling them has become really easy! I had most of the parts of this project done before watching the assembly video.

Materials list:

The black and grey cardstock are from Cricut.  Packs of 20 sheets in single colours are currently on sale for $5.00. Be sure to use the code HOTDEALS to get 10% off your purchase and free Fed-ex home delivery.

If you're in Canada use the code HOTDEALSCANADA to get 10% off your order and $14.99 flat rate shipping on orders over $75.)

The patterned cardstock was printed at home on my Epson WF-7620 wide format printer and is from a set called Goldfinger Papers by AMB Illustrations.

Happy crafting!  ♥

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