Thursday, August 4, 2016

CRICUT: iOS Design Space app update

Today a Design Space iOS app was released in the App store.

This app adds Offline functionality and a new feature called SnapMat.

With Offline you can select images and projects and download them to your iPad/iPhone and use them without being connected to the internet.

So now, using the iOS app (not available in the Desktop version of DS) you'll be able to design and cut without an Internet connection. You'll be able to download images and fonts and save projects to your iPad/iPhone.

And if you have a Cricut Access subscription you'll be able to download fonts and images included in Cricut Access and use them offline.

More info on the offline feature here:

User Manual:

SnapMat is a great feature that allows you to use up those scraps of paper that you have been storing! You'll also be able to cut around (or inside) photos, patterned paper and stamped images.

If you need to write on an envelope or tag or card... SnapMat can help.

Here's the link to the FAQ and User Manual for SnapMat.

SnapMat FAQ:
User Manual:

And here's a quick video I put together today to demonstrate the SnapMat feature.

Happy crafting!  ♥


Joan Smith said...

Thanks so much for your Amazing and Outstanding Tutorial Post for the two new CDS features!!
It is always appreciated for all you do and the way you do it!! I do know it's a lot of work so again...Thanks so much!! YOU so ROCK!!

LaurieJane said...

so..... will this be something available for android too?

Narelle said...

The Android app is still in beta so it doesn't have many of the features that the iOS app does yet.

If you haven't installed the Android app yet you can find it in the USA Google Play store. (Not available in other countries yet.)

This info explains the different options in the apps.
App differences

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