Wednesday, November 16, 2016

CRICUT: Design Space 3 Beta Previews

You might have heard that a new version of Design Space is currently undergoing Beta testing.

Today I am authorised to show you some previews of some of the upcoming changes.

Design Space 3 is much easier to navigate than the current version. You're going to find it much more responsive in many ways.  I have very slow internet and DS3 runs so much faster for me than DS2.

Here's some of the changes you can expect to see.

  • First, the Edit Panel has been moved to the top of the screen. This means that it is always available. 

No more moving between the Edit Panel and the Layers Panel.

  • The Layers Panel has had a slight makeover.  You'll see a coloured dot on each layer to indicate the selected colour of that layer.
  • And if you click on one of the layers you can instantly see which colours are currently being used in that project. No more having to remember which colours you used. 

  • Uploading file is so much faster now! And to help with that there's now a Drag & Drop feature. Just click on a file from your computer and drag it to the Design Space upload screen and drop it! 

  • The font preview screen has been enlarged. Now it's super easy to see what a font looks like.  

  • DS3 is written in HTML instead of Adobe Flash.  Shockwave crashes are a thing of the past. 

  • The Isolate letters feature has been changed to Ungroup to Letters.  Once you have ungrouped your text to letters you can still edit that text and change fonts on individual letters. 

  • You can also ungroup multiple lines of text into individual lines.  This is much quicker than creating a text box for different lines of text. 

  • Finding your saved projects is easy. Either click on the My Projects button on the canvas or click on the Projects button and select it from the Categories list. 

  • Speaking of your projects - they now have a preview! You don't have to guess what they look like anymore. 

  • Sometimes you realise you need to move images around on a mat after you've started cutting. Now you can!  Just click on the mat you want to change then click Edit Mat.

There's a lot to love about Design Space 3.  There's currently no indication of when it will be released and I can't give you any more details of the features yet. But from a performance point of view it's certainly going to be worth the wait!

Happy crafting!  ♥


adele holcomb said...

Wow! These are going to be some great enhancements. Thanks for the preview!

Unknown said...

This looks great!!! Hooray Cricut!! Thanks for the preview!~!

Unknown said...

Wonderful, thanks so much for the preview. We have something super to look forward to.

Unknown said...

Wonderful, thanks so much for the preview. We have something super to look forward to.

Unknown said...


The Jewelry Lady said...

Do you have any idea when the Cricut Design Space update will take place? I worked for a long time designing something for a friend who is turning 70. CDS locked up and I waited and waited and waited hoping that it would resume but it did not. I lost my entire day's work because CDS had to reload to work and what I was working on was gone because I had not saved it prior to the lock up. Will there be an option to retrieve something like this? Thanks!

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