Sunday, April 30, 2017

CRICUT: Design Space 3

It's been a busy week in Cricut land with the release of the Design Space 3 open beta.

Lots of improvements in this version of Design Space although no extra features such as offset shadows.

The program itself is faster and above all... there is no more Flash!

I have put together a handy information document which covers the most commonly asked questions so far.  You can find that document in the pinned post in my Facebook group Cricut Explore and More.

I also have the following videos available:

Overview of the changes in Design Space 3:

Using Hide Contour in Design Space 3. 

Using Tags with uploaded images

Fixing the extra cutting lines in uploaded svgs bug

As soon as I've finished editing I'll add my other videos.

Happy crafting!  ♥

1 comment:

Christine Carter said...

Thank you so much for your video on fixing the extra cutting lines in DS3. Super helpful to know it wasn't my files, but a software bug. Also if you upload the .png file and delete the gray matter that fixes the issue as well. I found dealing with the contour also deleted some of the image that the extra lines were attached too. Thank you again!

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