CCR Keyboard Shortcuts

Here's a list of the keyboard shortcuts you can use in CCR.

Function Windows Mac
Select All Ctrl A CMD A
Group Ctrl G CMD G
Ungroup Ctrl U CMD U
Copy to clipboard Ctrl C CMD C
Paste from clipboard Ctrl V CMD V
Cut to clipboard Ctrl X CMD X
Print/Cut/Go   CMD P
Quit/Exit CCR Ctrl E CMD Q
Open & Close Menus and keypad drawer Tab Tab
Undo Ctrl Z CMD Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift Z CMD +Shift Z or CMD Y
New project Ctrl N CMD N
Open project Ctrl O CMD O
Save Ctrl S CMD S
Save As Ctrl + Shift S  
Quick Type/Add Text Box Ctrl T CMD T
Send Front   open [
Send Back   close ]
Send Forward ] or Ctrl up arrow CMD Up arrow
Send Backward [ or Ctrl down arrow CMD Down arrow
Exit Hide Contours and Edit Group modes Esc Esc
Nudge objects Right/Left/Up/Down arrows Right/Left/Up/Down arrows
Big Nudge objects Shift Right/Left/Up/Down arrows SHFT Right/Left/Up/Down arrows
Delete selected objects Del Del
Zoom in Z + click on mat Z + click on mat
Zoom out Z + Alt + click on mat Z + Alt + click on mat
Scale non proportionally by height or width Alt + Click on height or width handle CMD mouse down
Pan screen (mouse cursor changes to a hand) Space bar and drag screen up or down Space bar and drag screen up or down


kdgdi said...

Very nice! Thank you!!

Unknown said...

This CCR Keyboard Shortcuts is the cats meow! What a great help!. I have struggle so many times in the CCR on things that I would like to do and undo. Thanks so much for the sweet shortcuts!

comopark1886 said...

Thank You! This is fantastic!

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