Thursday, May 1, 2014

Box Card - some updates

All emails have gone out for the Box Card file.  If you haven't received it please check your comment on the original blog post. There were some email addresses that bounced and some that didn't leave an email address.  I have replied to your comment if that is the case.

There are a lot of comments on that post now (256 to date) so if you can't find yours make sure you click Load More at the very bottom of the comments section. You may have to do that a couple of times to see all the comments. Here is the original post:

If there is no reply by me on your comment and you haven't received the file please comment on this post with your email address. The email program I was using for the first two days wasn't playing nice and a lot of the emails I sent didn't reach their destination. Since changing programs things have been working much more smoothly.

If you haven't yet requested the file and would like it, please comment on the original blog post (link above).

No need to request the file anymore. You'll find the link to the download here:

Lastly, just a reminder that I share my files with followers of my blog. Please do not share the link to the file.

The file is for your PERSONAL USE ONLY and should not be shared via upload, email or in any Facebook/Yahoo or any other type of group/page. 

I'm aware that the file has already been shared on one Facebook group. Please do the right thing and share the link to the blog post - not the file!

Got lots that I'm working on at the moment, so stay tuned for more free files and some (I hope) handy lists!! (I do love a good list....)


Snaps Scraps and Stamps said...

I love making these so much people want to me to make some for them....problem how much to charge.

Unknown said...

I didn't receive the email and I posted on the original. Thanks for sharing.

Turnedgypsy said...
Thanks can't wait to get file thanks

Maria said...

Hi, I've just joined and would love to have the CCR file for the box card. My email: Thank you

Narelle said...

The link to the file is in this post Maria.

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