Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CRICUT: iPad app news and more

I love the Design Space iPad app! I keep thinking it would be awesome if there was an iPhone app as well.

Because there’s some days when I’m out and about without my iPad (that thing gets heavy once you put a case on it) and I have some free time while I’m sitting waiting for an appointment, or having a coffee.

Once I’ve run out of lives on Bubble Witch 2 it would be fun to play with the app.

Well…….. Guess what?

There’s now a Design Space iPhone app and it’s amazing!

The app now works with

iPhone 4, 4s

5, 5S, 5C

6, 6 Plus

iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4

iPad Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3

iPad Air, Air 2

and even

the iPod Touch 5th Generation!!

Any Apple mobile device that runs iOS 7.1 and above can now use the app!

There's also an update for the iPad app for those that are using that!

The Cricut Product Experts are currently testing the new app and I am now able to share some screenshots and info with you. I don't know the exact release date yet but as soon as I have more information (and I'm allowed to share) I'll let you know!

And for all of the Android users out there who have just thrown their Samsungs at the wall.... your app is being developed too! Cricut haven't given us a release time frame yet, but they have heard your requests and work is well under way! So stay tuned! 

The Adroid app will support:

  • Galaxy tablets that support Lollypop, KitKat and Jellybean (wonder if there's a Tim Tam version....) 
  • Galaxy phones: S3, 4, 5 and 6
  • Galaxy notes 4/5

And it's not just Samsung users that will be able to use the app. While the user experience is optimised for the Samsung Galaxy it should work with all Androids.

So back to the iPhone app...

Here’s some screen shots to give you an idea of what to expect. Keep in mind these are from the Beta iPhone app, so there could be changes before the app is released.

The iPhone app works basically the same as the iPad app. The app detects the device that's being used and reconfigures the user interface. That means that no matter what size screen you're using everything will still fit on the screen.

You'll see the Make it Now projects just as you do on the iPad app and the Web version of Design Space


You can set up your Explore straight from the iPhone app


Click the menu icon to select from the different Make it Now categories

This is how your screen will look in portrait view. On my iPhone 5 I can see four icons along the bottom.

Turn your iPhone around and your screen changes to landscape mode. 
Now I can see nine of the ten icons.

Click on the Image button and select the Categories menu. You'll see all the different categories of images here.

Or, click on the Cartridges menu and either scroll through the list or type the name of the cartridge you're looking for in the search box.

The Group, Attach, Weld, Slice and Flatten options are found in the Actions menu.

The sizing, rotation, flip and position options are found in the Edit menu.

Click the Text button and type your text.

Then click the Edit button to change your font. You have all the same text options as the Web version. You can even install the same fonts you have on your computer by using an app such as AnyFont.

But, I've saved the coolest feature till last!  

The iPhone app and the new version of the iPad app have an awesome project preview camera. Design your project 
then click on the camera icon. Point your iPhone/iPad towards the wall/cushion/canvas/mirror/anything at all and you will see exactly how your project will look! 

Imagine being able to see what your wall art will actually look like before you cut it out!

There's plenty more in store from Cricut in the coming months! 

The Cricut team are busy working on:
  • An offline version of the iOS app
  • The Android app
  • Larger size Print then Cut
  • Print then Cut for the iOS!
  • Offset shadows (yes, really!!!)
  • Ability to use the Imagine Colors & Patterns cartridges. Also to scale/move the Imagine patterns to fit the image you are using AND the ability to import your own patterns.
  • Ability to select from different paper sizes on the Desktop version. (That function is already available on the iPad app.)

What isn't planned:
  • Offline version of the Desktop (PC & Mac) app. 

What I'm still waiting for:

  • The app to be available in the Australian/New Zealand iTunes stores (as well as everywhere else that needs it.)

Hopefully there's some good news in there for everyone!

Happy crafting!  ♥

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Jeff S said...

Thanks for such a nice clear preview of the information. You are a wonder! :-)

Travels Through Life said...


I love my iPad version and cannot wait to be able to use my iPhone to craft too!!!

Thanks for the update!!!

Janis said...

Thank you Narelle. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Narelle. I love the new camera function. Can't wait.

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