Friday, June 19, 2015

Glass cutting boards - they're in Australia too!

This post is for my fellow Aussie crafters.

As you probably know decorating glass cutting boards with vinyl is all the rage at the moment. But finding those boards here is extremely difficult.

Well, the other day I actually found some! We definitely don't have the variety that the US has, but at least we have some!

Here's what I found...

It measures approx 10" x 8" (25cm x 20.5cm) and has a rough cutting surface. The underside however is smooth.

It does have a pattern stuck to it and because I wasn't sure that I would be able to get it off I only purchased one.

I brought it home and tried to peel the backing off but didn't have a lot of success. I remembered seeing some posts about this in Cricut Lovers Guide to Design Space where it was suggested to soak the board in hot water for a while.

That didn't help much but then I remembered the other suggestion was to spray it with Goo Gone.  I happened to have a bottle of De-Solv-it so I thought I'd give that a try.

With that, a scraper and a little elbow grease I was able to get all of the backing off!

Once I cleaned it up I thought I should put something on it. I used an image called What's Cookin? from the 3 Birds on Parade cartridge. If you have the Cricut image subscription you're in luck because it's included!

If not, it's currently on sale at And if you only want the one image you can purchase that through Design Space if you're a Cricut Explore owner.

The yellow vinyl is from the Cricut Brights Sampler pack

Don't forget, if you're making one of these you need to flip your image as you'll be putting the vinyl on the underside. 

So.... where did I find the cutting boards?

(Just let me get out of the way so I don't get crushed in the stampede)....


If you haven't heard of Daiso they are a Japanese store where just about everything is $2.80!!! Yes! $2.80!

Here's the link to their store locator: Daiso

So if you've been hunting for these cutting boards I hope you have a Daiso near you! Unfortunately they don't appear to sell online. 

Oh, and for the New Zealanders.... there's a Daiso in Auckland.

Happy crafting!  ♥


Donna from Downunder said...

It looks like I will 'have' to make another long trip to Daiso. I must have missed these in my last visit. I'd better pick up some stuff to remove the picture too! Thanks Narelle.

bev said...

Wow Narelle I have been looking for those for ages ?
I wonder if there are any closer maybe Gold Coast area.

Nancy said...

Love it!!!!!

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