Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cricut Adhesive foil project

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. The products used in this project were supplied by Provocraft. This is my honest review.

Here's a quick project I made using the Cricut Adhesive Foil.

The foil colour I used was Stainless Purple. The Cricut foils are a removable product so you can use them to create temporary labels or decorations.

They're easy to weed and much easier than vinyl to apply as they don't have as much adhesive on them. I found that transfer tape needed a bit of coaxing to stick to the foil.

I used a Make it Now project that was meant for a wine glass. Here's the link to the project: Wine Glass Decals Make it Now project

I hid all but two rows of decals, enlarged the remaining rows and cut them. 

There is a Custom Foil setting but I bumped up the cut setting to Iron On Neon to get it to cut just a touch deeper. It's possible my blade is getting slightly blunt and this setting made it super easy to weed.

I placed it on a "Skurar" bucket from Ikea. Sadly you can't see the shine of the foil in my photo! 

The foil comes in Gold, Silver, Stainless Gold, Stainless Silver and Stainless Purple and you can find it here:  Cricut Adhesive Foils

The Gold and Silver are super shiny and really have the same look as using foils in a Minc machine. 

The rolls are 12" x 48" long and are currently on sale for $5.99 per roll. (Regular price is $9.99 per roll.)

I'm planning on using the foils and the Cricut Window Cling to decorate my windows for Christmas. (Assuming a bunch of Christmas elves arrive to help me!)

Happy foiling!  ♥


Unknown said...

Thanx Narelle.....you just answered my question on the setting for this foil. I cut a small sample on the custom setting for this and it just didn't quite do it. So now I'm off to try the iron on neon setting. Have a great day!!!!!

Unknown said...

To echo what Christine said, thanks for specifying the cut setting! I've wasted foil trying to get it to cut right and I was afraid to try again!!

Unknown said...


I just received a cricut explore air for christmas and am very novice! I am trying to make plastic tumblers with names on them for my sister's bachelorette party. I like the look of the gold adhesive foil much better than the "gold" (looks more like copper to me) vinyl. I noticed you said the adhesive foil can come off? Does that mean I should use the regular vinyl instead? I want it to stay on the tumbler as we will be using this on the beach and it will hopefully last for a while! What is the main difference between the adhesive foil and regular vinyl?

Thank you!

Unknown said...

I have a Silhouette Cameo 3.. so you happen to know what settings I need to use for cutting the Cricuit Adhesive Foil? I've tried many!! Help!

Tracie said...

Amy Dellinger - have you tried setting it to heat transfer vinyl, smooth? I read somewhere else, that is the setting to use for foil on the silhouette cameo.

Narelle said...

Amy, I hope Tracie's tip helps. It's been so long since I used my Cameo.

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