Monday, December 21, 2015

Wine glass box FREE Design Space cut file

Today I have a free cut file for you!

Have you etched a wine glass as a gift for someone?

Well, here's a box for you to package your finished project in. This box is made entirely of free shapes from the Design Space image library.

And because stemless wine glasses are so popular now you'll find a cut file for both stemmed and stemless glasses.

And I've included 3 different lid styles!

The box is very easy to assemble. Just remember to only cut the pieces you need.

You can either hide the parts you don't want to use in the Layers panel, or just click on the layers you want to cut when you get to the cut screen.

The box section is in two parts so that it will fit on 12" x 12" cardstock.

The stemmed box when assembled is 3.25" x 7.25".

The stemless box when assembled is 3.25" x 5".

Here's what you'll see when you open the project.

If you want the glass shape to be cut from the box be sure to select the entire box and the glass and click Attach. If you don't want the glass shape to cut (so you can use it for any other purpose) you can hide it in the Layers panel.

You can add any shape to the box. Just remember to attach it!

Please feel free to use this cut file for packaging products you sell.

However, please don't share or sell the cut file. Please send your friends to this blog to get the cut file themselves. Thanks!

Here's the link to the Design Space file.
DS3 version:

Happy crafting!  ♥


leida said...

i dont know what or when i will be using this file, but i have downloaded it! thank you so much. when i use it i will be sure to send you a note!

Kelleybell82788 said...

Can you tell me if a design space file is the same as an svg file? I need this box file but as an svg file. Thanks so much ! :)

Narelle said...

The two are different types of files. Design Space files can only be used in Design Space and will consist of Cricut shapes and any font. At this point in time I'm not offering this as a svg file. But if I do create one I'll be sure to share it. :)

The Pink Bathatique said...


Kiya Marche said...

This is exactly what I'm looking for. I tried opening the link but since Design Space has updated, I can't open it. Do you have an updated link you would not mind sharing?

Narelle said...

Try this version Kiya. I resaved it in DS3. :)

Wine glass box DS3 version


Kiya Marche said...

Thank you!

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