Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CRICUT: Latest Design Space plugin

The Design Space plugin that was released today (CricutDesignSpace-0.046R) has caused a couple of problems.

Add that to whatever PC have changed at and the messageboard, and well....

(Just give me a minute to bash my head on the desk a couple of times...)

  1. First, it appears that PC have changed the default location of Design Space. Previously the link took you to

    It now takes you to

    That's only a problem if you are trying to either a) open Design Space using an old toolbar bookmark, or b) open an old link to a Design Space file that someone has shared with you. For example.... my Box Card file! :(

    If you open the file using the link in the email you will get the following error:

    If you haven't yet opened the link from the email I sent you, you will need to change the "main" in the address to "us" eg.



    If you're getting the error when you are opening Design Space you will need to update the properties on your browser bookmark. When the new version of Design Space was installed it should have added a new icon to your Desktop. You can copy the properties from that icon into the properties of your bookmark.

  2. Some fonts and images that are linked to our accounts or are free are not being recognised as owned/entitled and are throwing this error. In case you can't read it... it says "This project isn't available to purchase yet!"

    The only way to get past that error is to work out which font/image is causing the problem and substituting it for another.   This is now fixed! 

  3. It's slooooooooooow!!!!

There are some positive changes in Design Space with this update though!

  • A grid has been added to the Mat preview screen. This makes it easier to place your images on the mat. Although the grid is difficult to see with some preview colours that's easily fixed by selecting a different colour for that mat.

  • When moving your image around on the canvas you'll now see the x & y coordinates.

  • When resizing your image you'll see a box showing the size as you change it.

  • When rotating your image you'll see a box showing the degree of rotation.

That's all that seems to have been changed this update.

There's still some basic functions that need to be added like automatic alignment and the ability to add offsets to images. Fingers crossed they're on the agenda!

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Unknown said...

I am also hoping they will add a way to CREATE an image shadow layer...much like you can in MTC.

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