Sunday, August 20, 2017

CRICUT: EasyPress is available now!

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Wasn't expecting the EasyPress to be available until next week but it's there now! ☺

Don't know what the EasyPress is? Here's the info from Cricut. 

Get professional iron-on results in 60 seconds or less. An evenly heated plate and simple controls make EasyPress™ the foolproof way to get flawless transfers that really last. 

● Easy to learn, simple to use 
● No press cloth needed for most base materials 
● Adjustable heat up to 360℉ (180 C) 
● Intricate transfers stick after repeated washes 
● Great for large or layered iron-on projects 
● Lightweight, portable, easy to store 
● Compatible with major brands of heat-transfer material

For best results, use with Cricut Easy Press Silicone Mat (not included), or a hard, flat surface

The Cricut Easy Press Silicone Mat isn't available for purchase yet.

For those of you who live in Australia, the EasyPress is NOT dual voltage.  So using a travel adapter won't work.  But Cricut are working on an EasyPress for our power grid.  There's no date for that launch but they're in full swing getting it ready!

Happy crafting!  ♥


pussikats said...

Hi Narelle,
Carole Prevost posted on CDS FB page that it was dual voltage (I thought she'd be one to know), you and say no. Confused. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Narelle said...

Carol is incorrect. The EasyPress is NOT dual voltage. That information was given to me by my contacts at Cricut. An Aus/NZ edition is being manufactured for our power grid.

The Maker however (as well as the Explores and the older Cricuts) are dual voltage.

pussikats said...

Thanks so much for the reply. I so want one, I LOVE new toys and a heat press is far too big for my craft room. Did they give an approximately time frame ?...months?...year/s?

Narelle said...

No, just that they're in full swing getting them out the door.

Maddi & Emerald Co. said...

hello, just curious- are you using a transformer in the meantime to use the US model in AUS? or are you waiting for an Aus model?
Thank you so much x

Narelle said...

I don't have an EasyPress yet. I'll be waiting for the Australian model. It is supposed to be made for our power grid so no transformer should be required. I'll be very disappointed if that's not the case.

Sheryl Priest said...

Hi Narelle,
Would you please update this with any information you have about the transformer that has been released?
I couldn't find anything on the Cricut site.

Narelle said...

I don't have any further information. There won't be anything on the Cricut site because they don't need the transformer in the US.

All I know is what I can see at And that's that it comes with a "free" transformer and the cost of the EasyPress is a bargain basement price of $359.

I'm truly disappointed that this is the way we have to purchase this product.

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