Monday, August 21, 2017

CRICUT: What is the Cricut Circle?

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Quite a few years ago Cricut created a club called the Cricut Circle.  It had it's own private message board and special events that were only available to Circle members. There was also a free Cricut Circle exclusive cartridge every quarter, 10% off purchases and free shipping. The cost to join (from memory) was around $300 per year.

Over the years the Cricut Circle has been scaled down quite a bit.  When joining you now get just the one cartridge per year (you select the cartridge each year when you purchase your Circle membership) and you receive 10% off your purchases from and receive free US/CAN shipping.  The cost to join now is $79.99. It doesn't auto renew so you need to purchase your membership each year and select your cartridge.

The 10% discount is stacked on top of the 10% discount you receive if you have a Cricut Access Subscription. And again on top of my NARELLE 10% discount that you can use during checkout.

The NARELLE code doesn't work on Cricut Explore/Maker machines, Cricut Access subscriptions, the Cricut BrightPad or the Cricut EasyPress. But the Cricut Circle and Cricut Access discounts do work.

So if you do a lot of shopping at the Cricut store and there's a cartridge in the available list that you like (there's 20 to choose from) then the Circle membership could be totally worth it especially if you also have Cricut Access. When all available discounts are stacked together you can get up to 30% off your purchases. And that's on top of any sale prices!

Here's the link to the Cricut Circle page: CRICUT CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP LINK

Scroll through the available cartridges and click on the one you want to receive with your membership. Complete the purchase details and you're done!  The physical cartridge will be mailed to you (US/Canada only) and any discounts and free shipping will be added automatically when you next purchase from the Cricut store. ☺

Happy crafting!  ♥


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