Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CRICUT: Let's talk about linking

There is so much confusion around about linking Cricut cartridges. The same questions keep being asked on the Official Cricut Facebook page.  So I thought I'd try and make some sense of it for anyone still wondering...

There are three ways we can link our cartridges to our Cricut account:
  • To a Gypsy

  • Through Cricut Craft Room (CCR)

  • Through Cricut Design Space 
You only have to link your cartridges using one of the above methods. If you link via Cricut Craft Room or Design Space those carts will automatically be available in both programs. 

If, however, you link your cartridges using a Gypsy there is an extra step you need to do to make them available in Cricut Craft Room and Cricut Design Space.

This step can only be done using Cricut Craft Room.

If you've never used Cricut Craft Room here is the link to download it. (Click the image below.)

If you have Windows 8.1 make sure you click that download option when you get to the download page. The "Download for PC" is for operating systems prior to Windows 8.1 (including Windows 8.0)

Once you have CCR installed.....
  • Connect your Gypsy to your computer with the USB cable
  • Open Cricut Craft Room

  • Click on the Options Menu and select Link Gypsy

You will see this message box

  • Power on your Gypsy

Once the Gypsy is detected the message box will change to this. (Your Gypsy's serial number will show.)

You have two choices at this point.

  • If you want to upload the cartridges from your Gypsy so they are available in Cricut Craft Room and Design Space click the Uplink button.

  • If you want to download the cartridges that are linked to your cricut.com account so they are available on your Gypsy press the Sync button.

If you need to do both (because you have some carts linked to your Gypsy and some to your cricut.com account) it doesn't matter which order you do them in.

Once everything is up to date, it's easier to select one method of linking any future cartridges (Gypsy vs CCR vs CDS). You'll then only have to do one of the above syncing methods instead of both.

Remember... linking is permanent! Once a cartridge is linked to your account (regardless of which method you chose) it cannot be unlinked or linked to another account. 


Kim Hannan said...

This is all greek to me, so maybe if i tell you my situation you can help me. I am about to purchase a gypsy from a crafting friend. She's selling it to me with 29 linked cartridges. I will not get the physical cartridges with the deal, just access to them through the Gypsy. I have an Expression and personal cricut. And I'm not familiar with the Craft room. Will I be able to use all of the cartridges on my new Gypsy, personally and also on the craft room? Thank you for your help!

Narelle said...

Kim, you'll be able to use them by connecting the Gypsy to your Expression. But you won't be able to use them with Cricut Craft Room because those cartridges are linked to your friends cricut account.

Bess said...

Hello, I am about to buy a couple of used cartridges that have already been linked. I am not much of a computer user when it comes to crafts. Would I still need able to use the linked cartridges with my cricut machine alone?
Thank you for your help

Narelle said...

Bess, only if you have a Cricut Expression or earlier machine. You can't use cartridges that have been linked to someone else's Cricut account if you have a Cricut Explore. If that's the machine you have, then don't buy those cartridges!

Eva said...

I just bought a Cricut Create machine. If I buy a used cartridge on ebay that says it has been linked, will it work on my machine?

Narelle said...

Eva, yes. Only the Explore won't work with cartridges linked to someone else's Cricut account. But if you ever purchase an Explore those cartridges won't work in it.

Ginny Kissamis said...

Hi There,

I linked all my cartridges to my new Cricut. Will the cartridges still work in the Cricut Expression?

Thanks for your help.

Narelle said...

Yes Ginny, because the cartridges are linked to your Cricut account. Not to a machine. :)

J Mark said...

I have a Create, jjust purchased a used Expression, and am considering purchasing 20 linked cartridges from eBay. Will the linked cartridges work with both/either of my machines? Also, I've never used the craft room...can I use them in the craft room?

Narelle said...

Yes, the linked cartridges will work with both the machines and also in Cricut Craft Room. You won't be able to link the cartridges to your Cricut account as they are linked to the original owners account. You will be prompted in Cricut Craft Room to insert the cartridge into the Cricut each time you go to cut.

If you ever purchase a Cricut Explore (the latest Cricut model) you won't be able to use those cartridges with that machine as it can only cut from cartridges that are linked to your account.

Crafty_ma_am said...

I have a Cricut Expression (1). I have over 40 cartridges. I have linked them to my GYPSY, but have NOT linked them through the Gypsy to Craft Room or Design Space. The cartridges are "registered" to my account with Cricut.

If a person buys one of my cartridges, can it be linked to THEIR account so THEY can use it in Craft Room or Design Space through THEIR machine? Can it be used on the Explore?

Narelle said...

When you linked the cartridges to your Gypsy you linked them to your Cricut account. Cartridges cannot be unlinked. That means that no one else can link them to their Cricut account.

They can use the cartridge in Cricut Craft Room (with one of the pre-Explore machines) by inserting it into the Cricut when prompted. But they cannot use it with the Explore as Design Space will only cut from cartridges that are linked to the users account. (Plus any digital content they own.)

If you purchase an Explore you will be able to use those cartridges, but no-one else can.

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