Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's a crafting miracle!!

My Imagine stopped cutting with CCR after I updated it's firmware a month or so ago. Soooo not happy about that.....

Since then I've bought a new computer that runs Windows 8. I thought for sure I'd have no end of trouble with CCR and Cricut Sync as so many users had reported that they couldn't get either of those to run without running them in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

So imagine my surprise when I installed CCR and Cricut Sync and didn't have to do anything!!! No compatibility problems and no anti-virus problems. I didn't even have to add anything as exceptions to Trend Micro, my anti-virus program! Yay!

Then tonight I thought I'd blow the dust off the Imagine and attempt cutting something. Well, lo and behold it cut!!!! So then I tried a print and cut and that worked too!!!!

Looks like the Imagine has been saved from the deep end of the pool.... again!!! :)

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