Saturday, February 6, 2021

Design Space troubleshooting

Instructions below are for Windows Desktop versions only. Does not apply to iOS (iPad/iPhone) or Android versions.

Many users are experiencing glitches with Design Space versions 6 and above. Some of those are:

 Unable to open saved projects   Images not showing on screen Â Images not being able to be moved  Images moving when you press Page up/Page down  Scroll bars not working Â Unable to resize images/text using the handle on the object 

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

Tip 1: Change to the “Classic canvas” style.

The new style canvas seems to be causing most of the glitches that occur while using the program. Currently the only extra feature that is available in the “New” canvas style is the Copy and Paste between projects feature.  Switching back to the “Classic” canvas style means you won’t have access to that feature.

To change to the Classic canvas style click the Settings icon  then click the Settings menu

Click on the “Classic” option then click Done.  

** If you have a project open on your canvas save it before changing canvas style to avoid losing any changes you’ve made. 

Tip 2: Clearing the Design Space Cache

Now that Design Space is downloaded to our computer the Cricut directory can get bogged down with unneeded files.  Clearing the DS cache removes those files and it's something that should be done on a regular basis. 

This is different to clearing your browser cache, which is what we often had to do when Design Space was browser based. 

** Be aware that the files you are removing include the offline versions of your projects.  If you created/saved a project while your computer was not connected to the internet and you haven’t used Design Space online since creating that project, it won’t have had a chance to save to the Cloud. Therefore deleting these files will also delete your project. It’s unlikely that this would be the case unless you’re always in the habit of working offline.

Any projects you have saved to the Cloud (i.e. Cricut’s servers) will NOT be deleted. 

To check where your projects are being saved go back to the Settings menu. It will show whether you are saving to the Cloud and computer or the Cloud only.

Clearing the DS Cache:

1. Close Design Space if you have it open.

2. If you are using a Windows computer go to the File Explorer app. 

If you don’t have that app pinned to your taskbar you can easily find it by holding down the Windows button on your keyboard and tapping the E key. Or right click the Windows icon and select it from the menu. 

Once you have File Explorer open you need to navigate to the directory that contains the Design Space files. 

On most PC’s that will be within your C:/ drive. Here is where you should find those files:

C: > Users > [your computer name] > .cricut-design-space > LocalData

3. Once you have navigated to the LocalData directory you are going to delete the files and folders within it. Use Ctrl A to select them all then press the Delete key on your keyboard. Or – right click and select Delete. 

** If you get the following error message it means you forgot to exit out of all Design Space windows.  You will need to close any open Design Space windows then click Try again. 

4. Now open Design Space and select View, Force Reload.  

Mac users – for info on how to clear your DS cache please see the instructions here:

Tip 3: Deleting old versions of Design Space.

Cricut also recommends deleting the old versions of Design Space that are saved on your PC.  (The previous option of backdating to an older version no longer works as DS now automatically updates to the latest available version on loading so there's no reason to keep them.)

To find the old versions navigate to:

C: > Users > [your computer name] > .cricut-design-space > Update

Depending on when you started using Design Space on your PC you will have some of these files: 

It’s safe to delete all of these files however you may wish to keep the very latest one. 

Select all the files you wish to remove, right click then select Delete. 

Hopefully, these tips will help with any problems you are experiencing. 

Happy crafting!  ♥

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Easy Text offsets in Inkscape V1.0

Back in June of 2020 (time flies...) I recorded a video demonstrating how easy it is to create offset shadows in Inkscape. 

Below you'll find screenshots of the process.  I hope this is helpful for those of you who don't like or have trouble following videos.  You can download a printable PDF from here:

Congratulations! You’ve created your offset!

(You can select your original text and move it out of the way if you find that easier.) 

Your SVG is now ready to upload to any design program that uses SVG’s.

(Eg. Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, ScanNCut Canvas)

Happy crafting!  ♥

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