Monday, February 3, 2014

CRICUT: Design Studio - Speeding up DS load time

This tutorial originally posted on my old Design Studio blog - 7th September 2010

As more and more carts are added to DS the time it takes to load increases. Here’s a way to speed up the loading time.

Thanks and credit to Tam from 
this and sharing it with the members of the messageboard. 

Are there lots of carts that you don’t own, and think that you’ll never own? If so, you can remove them from DS. This means that DS doesn’t have to load them at start up.

Note: You won’t be actually deleting the carts permanently, but moving them to a different directory on your computer. That way, if you do buy one of those carts (or want to be able to see it in DS) you’ll be able to move it back into the Fonts directory and it will show up again.

And don’t worry – if you completely muck this up you can just uninstall DS and reinstall it again and all will be well!

Here’s how you do it:

  • Make sure DS is closed
  • Open up Windows Explorer.
Your screen should look something like this:

If you can't see the following Cricut Software folder in Program files, you may need to change your Folder viewing options:
  • Select Tools, Folder Options, then the View tab.
  • Make sure "show hidden files, folders and drives" is selected then click Apply, then OK to close that box.

I’m using Windows 7, so your screen might look a bit different if you’re using Vista or XP.
  • Navigate to: C: --> Program Files --> Cricut Software --> Cricut Designstudio --> Cricut Fonts
    You should see these 5 folders:

    Now we need to create a backup folder where we’ll copy all the fonts. This backup folder must not be inside the existing Cricut Fonts folder.  We need to go back up one directory.
    • Click the Cricut DesignStudio folder from the top of the screen.

    • Click the New folder button. If you don’t see a New folder button select File, New, Folder.

    Because we’re working with system files you may need to confirm this operation. 
    • Click the Continue button.
    • Overtype “New folder” with Backup Fonts (or whatever name you choose) 
    • Press Enter
    You should see these folders:

     Next we’re going to COPY all the contents from the 5 fonts folders into the Backup fonts folder.

    •  Click on the Cricut Fonts folder
    • Select Ctrl A (or Edit, Select All)

      Now all 5 Fonts folders should be selected.

      • Select Ctrl C (or Edit, Copy) The font folders will be copied to the computers clipboard
      • Go back to the Cricut DesignStudio folder
      • Click on the Backup fonts folder to open it. (It will be empty)

      • Select Ctrl V (or Edit, Paste)
      • Again, you may need to confirm this step. Click the Continue button

      The Fonts folders will now be copied to the new Backup Fonts folder.

      So now you have your backups created. Next you need to delete the fonts you don’t use from the original Fonts folders.
      • Navigate back to the original Cricut Fonts folder and open the CricutFontsA-C folder
      You’ll see all the carts from that folder. 
      • Hold down the Ctrl key and hover your cursor over a cart you want to delete until it’s selected. 
      • Keep holding down the Ctrl key down and continue to select the carts you want to delete. (Older versions of Windows may require you to Ctrl + click to select.)
      If you accidently select a cart, just move you cursor away from that cart, then hover over it again and it will be unselected.

      (You can also just delete the carts one by one if you find that easier.)
      • Once you’ve selected all the carts you don’t want DS to load, press the delete key.

      • Click Yes to confirm you want to delete those carts.
      • Again, you may need to confirm this operation. Click the Continue button.
      • Repeat the above steps for the 4 remaining Fonts folders, deleting any carts that you don’t want DS to load.
      Now go start DS and see how much faster it loads!

      Please note: If you open an existing file that uses a cart that you have removed from the cart library you will get an error message. You will need to close DS, copy the missing cartridge back into the cartridge library then reopen DS. Unfortunately the error message doesn't tell you the name of the cart that is missing.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

      Adding carts back in

      The time will most likely come where you will purchase a new cart and want to be able to see and use it in DS. Here’s how to add carts back in.

      • Close DS
      • Navigate to: C: -->Program Files --> Cricut Software --> Cricut Designstudio -->  Backup Fonts
      • Then open the folder that contains the cart/s that you want to add back into DS and highlight them. (Again, use the Ctrl key if there’s more than one).
      • Once you have highlighted COPY your cart/s by selecting Ctrl C (or Edit, Copy). They’ll be copied to the clipboard.
      • Navigate to the original corresponding Font folder and select Ctrl V (or Edit, Paste).
      •  Click Continue at the inevitable message box:
      Your carts will now reappear in the correct Fonts folder (assuming you selected the right one).

      • Open DS and those carts will now show up again.
      Remember, if you totally muck it up you still have your backup files plus if necessary you can uninstall DS and reinstall it.

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