Monday, February 3, 2014

CRICUT: Design Studio - What is Real Dial Size?

This tutorial originally posted on my Design Studio blog 8th November, 2010

The Real Dial Size button is used to cut your objects exactly the size you have set on the Cricut.
Design Studio also has this feature. You’ll find the Real Size checkbox just under the virtual keypad. Tick the box to use Real Size.


So how does Real Size work?

Well, first a little background….
Many Cricut Cartridges (mainly font cartridges) have a character that is the ‘Key Height Character.’ That character is the tallest character on that cartridge. All other characters in that cartridge will be sized and cut in proportion to that Key Height Character.

If a cartridge has a Key Height Character it will be shown in red in your cartridge handbook.


However, if you use the Real Size feature, the Key Height Character is ignored and all your letters and shapes will be cut exactly at the size you have selected on the Default Size slider.

You must check the Real Size box BEFORE you place your objects on the virtual mat.

Below is an example of a word typed without using Real Size and under that the same word typed with Real Size selected.


In the first example notice how all the letters are in proportion to each other, whereas in the second example all the letters are exactly the same height.

When you are cutting objects that have layers, it is crucial that you have Real Size turned OFF.

Here’s another example using the Everyday Paper Dolls cart. The top row has Real Size turned on. The layers won’t fit because they have been cut out the same height as the body.

The second row has Real Size turned off. All the layers will fit as they will cut out in proportion to the body.


And here she is all put together:


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