Wednesday, November 13, 2013

CRICUT: Forcing a firmware update

CCR requires a firmware version of 2.43 on the Cricut Expression and Cricut Cake to cut and link cartridges.

The Cricut Personal requires 1.45 and the Cricut Create and Cake mini require 1.65.

If CCR doesn't prompt you to update the firmware (you may have pressed Skip at some point) here's how you go about forcing the update.

(These instructions do not apply to the Cricut Mini, Expression 2 or the Imagine. Those machines are updated using Cricut Sync.)

1. Connect your Cricut to your computer

2. Open CCR and login

3. Hold down the Stop button on the Cricut and press the Power button

4. Release the power button but keep holding down the Stop button.

The Cricut will beep once. Keep holding down the Stop button until it beeps a second time. (It takes a while)

5. When it has beeped the second time release the Stop button. The Cricut will power on and some of the keys should be lit up.

6. If it has worked correctly you will see this on your CCR screen:

7. Click on the down arrow and select the Cricut model you want to update.  Then you'll see this screen. (The Version info will differ depending on the Cricut you selected):

8. Press the Update button and follow the instructions there (you'll be putting it back in update mode).

9. Follow the onscreen instructions to update your firmware.


Ms. Lucie said...

How long does this firmware update typically take? I pulled out my Cricut V.1 and hooked it up to my laptop and CCR and it has been "updating" for at least an hour!

LibbyLu said...

Hi Narelle, I tried this and it still didn't pop up! I'm not sure if I actually need a firmware update but basically when I go to cut I click "Load Mat" in CCR and nothing happens! The wheels on the machine don't roll or anything. Any suggestions??

Thank you so much!


Narelle said...

@ Ms. Lucie - It should only take about 20 minutes to update. If it stalls, you probably need to start again. And you could try disabling your anti-virus/firewall before you start.

@LibbyLu - Which Cricut are you trying to update? The required firmware is in the post above. If you already are at the correct level then an update isn't needed.

Is your Cricut being recognised by your computer when you switch it on? And have you installed the Cricut drivers from the Help menu in CCR?

Anonymous said...

When pushing down on the stop button You Must mash it into the machine, just merely pressing it will not put the device into update mode. So press really hard and Hold very hard. Start the update as soon as you hear the beep do not wait to start the update...

Yvette said...

Thanks!!! I am updating as I write this. You rock!!!


Unknown said...

Hi there! This may be a really dumb question, but exactly where is the stop button the the Expression 2? Is it the pause button next the the on/off button? We just moved a month ago, and I turned my machine on for the first time today. LCD screen is blank - no light or anything. Machine does power on. Trying to update, but no program recognizes my machine :( Any help would be great!

Narelle said...

Michelle, this doesn't apply to the E2. To update the E2 you need to use Cricut Sync. But if your machine isn't even powering on it sounds like there's a major problem with the either the machine itself or the power cord. Best idea is to call Cricut Customer service.

Unknown said...

Can you tell me if the update is taking 4 hours for the E2 will it ever finish? I did not know you had to turn off antivirus. Why would you need to do that. Other updates don't require that

Unknown said...

Will it mess up my machine if I restart the updating?

Narelle said...

Four hours is way too long for an update. Stopping and restarting is the way to go.

Stampqueen Wannabee said...

I have an Expression. I did the update and now when I try to cut anything from CCR, it loads the mat then it just stops and won't do anything else. I will not cut. The Expression says it is USB active and it is V2.43 but will not cut. After the mat loads, the display says Mat 12x12 and then goes back to insert cartridge, gypsy or design studio....any ideas?

Unknown said...

On my cricut personl machine on the screen is usb active and it wont cut my image off the computer what dp i need to do

Narelle said...

Which Cricut program are you using? If it's CCR (Cricut Craft Room) it could be caused by the most recent version of Adobe Air. There is a fix for that problem on the Cricut website. Link is below:

Adobe Air fix

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