Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tutorial for using Samantha font in Design Space

If you've recently purchased Samantha Font from MightyDeals you might be looking for info on how to use it.

I've put together a PDF that might help. You'll learn how to install the font, how to download and install NexusFont (the font view you'll use to access the special characters in the font) and how to get those characters into Design Space.

You can download the PDF from here: Using Samantha font in Design Space

Please note... the tutorial was written for Windows users. Mac users don't use NexusFont to use the special characters. You will find info on how to do that here (by Laura Worthington the creator of Samantha font): Accessing the alternates on a Mac

Here's the link to purchase: Samantha font purchase link

Happy crafting!  ♥

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Unknown said...

Which one did you choose? Do I need to buy the entire family of fonts? I'm using Design space also.

Narelle said...

I bought the $37 deal Laurie. That way I had upright and italic, and the bold versions of both. (Sometimes the letters can be too skinny to cut well. Bold makes it a bit easier.) Whichever you choose don't forget to use the discount code to get 10% off. (Hope it still works.)

sknelson48 said...

Hi there. I am following your directions for downloading the Samantha Font and have run into an issue and was wondering if you could give me some insight. I need some further guidance. I went to the link you provided, but when I went to extract the Samantha font I get to this step and I'm not sure whether I should say yes or no. Any idea. I'm using Windows 7. The small print says "Do you want to copy this folder without encryption"? A problem is preventing this folder from being encrypted. I don't know what the heck that means. I tried the same process on another file and went ahead an clicked "yes" and the files come in as JPEG's or PNG's. I want the Samantha file to be in SVG format so is there something I'm missing or doing wrong. If you have any suggestions, please let me know at Thanks for your help. Sharon Nelson

Angel with a Broken Wing said...

Thank you for doing this I'm going purchase this font now and I'll be downloading your PDF. You're an Angel!

Unknown said...

I tried using your tutorial, but kept getting a message something about this font is not found. Every time I try to paste it this happens. Help, I feel like I just wasted $37.00

Narelle said...

Did you install Samantha?
Did you close out of Design Space after you installed?

Unknown said...

Hey ladies!
I have a rather bothersome problem with my Samantha font and the Nexusfont + Design Space. The fonts I am seeing and choosing in Nexusfont are not the same ones that show up in design space. For instance I choose a "K" with scrollwork on the left, it shows up in "private area" but when I copy it into Design Space, it is totally different :( This is pretty game breaking. Any ideas why this is happening?

Narelle said...

That usually happens when the font style you've selected in Nexus font is different to the font style you have selected in DS. Eg, if you select upright bold in nexus font make sure you select the same option in DS.

Unknown said...

Hi, I just downloaded the Samantha Font. My question is this....I have the Cricut, but not Design Space. I have the SCAL program. How do I get all the glyphs if I am not in Design Space. Thank you!

Narelle said...

Babs, which Cricut do you have? And which version of SCAL?

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