Friday, April 8, 2016

Exciting news for those who use my Cricut fonts list

Well, it's exciting for me anyway. And hopefully you too!

Many of you use my list that has a small preview of each Cricut font.

I started that list back in 2012 and there have been over 40,000 views so far!

While that list is great I have always wanted something that would give a bigger preview of the font. But I didn't want people to have to print it out unless they really wanted to.

Hopefully what I'm sharing with you today will fit that bill!

The new list comes to you as a flip book. You can view it online and you also have the choice to download it as a PDF!

This baby is over 200 pages long! Once you download it you can choose which pages you want to print. Or print them all!

And you can view it on your mobile device too!

And... it's still FREE!

You'll find the link to the book at the bottom of this post.

I had the members of Cricut Explore and More beta test it this week and so far there haven't been any issues. But please let me know if you have a problem using it or if you find any errors/omissions.

When you open the link the book will load. Some of the "writing style" fonts will look slightly pixelated. But if you click on that page, after a few seconds it will show the text clearly.

And... you can search by cartridge name! You'll find the search box in the bottom right corner if you're using a PC/Mac. If you're using an iOS or Android device please see the "Request Desktop Site" info below. You'll need to do that to see the search box.

If you're using an iPad/iPhone and want to save the book to iBooks here's what you need to do.

(These instructions use the Safari browser)

  • First open it by tapping on the link above. 
  • When it opens tap the upload arrow. (1)
  • Tap the "Request Desktop Site". (You may have to scroll over to see that.) (2)

  • It will open in the Yumpu site and you'll see a Download option at the bottom.  (1) Tap that.

  • Then wait (and possibly wait and wait if you have slow internet like me!) while it downloads. 

When it has finished downloading it will open to this screen.

  • Tap the screen and click Open in "iBooks"

For the Android users out there you will use a similar method.

Here's a screen shot from Nicolle from Cricut Explore and More. Thanks Nicolle!

So... here's the book! Enjoy!!

Happy crafting!  ♥


Cocoa's Mom said...

Thank you SO much, Narelle. Your hard work is much appreciated. : )

Cemella said... awesome. Thank you for this wonderful reference ebook.

Phyllis Strickland said...

Thank you so much! This is wonderful. I will be sure to use one of your affiliate links as soon as I can!

LuvtoKraft said...

Wow, Narelle!!! Thanks so much! Your hard work is so appreciated!

Teri said...

This if FANTASTIC Narelle!! You are so generous to make this free. I can't imagine how long it took you to do this. I loved and constantly used your other version of the font examples, I know I will use this all the time! Thank you so much!

Mel Sanz said...

I don't see the link :(

Mel Sanz said...

I don't see the link :(

Narelle said...

Kitty, click on the very last image. Then if you're on an iPad click the READ button.

Jill said...

For some reason the last image is not showing up on the ipad.

Jill said...

Tried again this morning, and the image came up. (very strange) Downloaded. Thank you!!!

Narelle said...

Glad it worked Jill. :)

Chris said...

Wow!...Narelle, you are incredible...thank you so much for doing this...and what a fantastic job! I can't begin to imagine how much work this took. Again, thank you!

dyane said...

You are amazing! And you are so very nice to share this. It's exactly what I've needed for a long time. I've followed your site for many years now and you are a very very kind and generous person. I will most definately click on your links:)

Janis LU said...

Thank you Narelle!

Carole said...

Nice job. Very useful. Thanks for sharing.

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