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CRICUT - CCR - Importing Design Studio and Gypsy files into CCR

Originally posted on my old Design Studio blog - January 6, 2012

Do you have a lot of Design Studio and/or Gypsy files that you would like to use in CCR? Well, here's how you go about importing them.

1. Importing Gypsy files into CCR
(This is for files that you or someone else have created using the Gypsy.)
  • Make sure CCR is not running. (You'll get a debug error message if you have CCR running and will have to select Abort then close CCR.)
  • Connect your Gypsy to your computer with the Gypsy USB cord
  • Power on the Gypsy
  • Open Cricut Sync

  • When your Gypsy has connected and has checked for updates click the OK button. (If your Gypsy hasn't been updated for a while you may want to do the updates first although you should be able to skip that process and proceed with the file transfer.)


You will see a list of the files on your Gypsy

Next you need to transfer your Gypsy file to your computer. 
  • Open Windows Explorer and select a location for your file 
The default location for Cricut files is C:/Documents/Cricut/Projects but you can select any location on your computer, even the Desktop. I'll be using the default Projects folder.
  • Click the middle right hand button at the top right of the Windows Explorer screen to make that window smaller

Next, position the Windows Explorer and the Cricut Sync windows so you can see both on the screen

  • Scroll through the list on the Cricut Sync window and locate the file you want to transfer to your computer
  • Highlight the file you want to transfer then click and drag it over to the Windows Explorer screen.

You should see a symbol a bit like this as you move your cursor over the Windows Explorer screen.

  • When you have your mouse positioned over the Explorer window release the mouse button. Your Gypsy file will be copied to your computer and will show up in the list of files.

  • Check and make sure the file size isn't 0KB. If it does appear as 0KB the file won't import into CCR. If that's the case repeat the process above
2. Now you need to import your file into CCR.
  • Exit out of Cricut Sync
  • Disconnect your Gypsy from your computer (or power it off)
  • Open CCR and login to your account
  • When you are at the Projects screen click the Import button

  • Navigate to the folder you copied your Gypsy file to

  • Click the file and press Open
The file will appear at the top of your Projects list

  • Single click the file to select it and press the Open button (or double click next to the file name)
The file will appear on your CCR mat.

You will notice that the orientation of the file is different to how it appeared on your Gypsy. That's because the mat arrow on the Gypsy is on the left

Whereas the mat arrow on the CCR mat is at the top.

You can either leave your objects as they are or you can use the Rotate feature in the Shape Properties menu and rotate your objects 270°. 

In the design above I would change my mat size to 12x12 before rotating the objects then change it back to 6x12 if I'm cutting it out on the Personal or the Create.
  • To change the mat size select the Options Menu
  • From the Project tab change the default machine to the Expression 
  • Change the Mat size to 12x12
You may also find that your objects will be grouped. 
  • To make any changes to individual objects select the group by clicking anywhere on one of the objects then click the Ungroup button on the toolbar.

That's it for importing Gypsy files. Now onto Design Studio files.

3. Importing Design Studio files into CCR
Currently, if you have the full version of Design Studio you can save your DS files as Gypsy files. If you haven't done that before here's how you go about it:
  • With your file open in DS select File, Save As

  • Highlight and delete everything inside the File name box

  • Type in a new file name. (It can be the same as the Gypsy file or something different)
  • Click on the Save as type box

  • Select Gypsy files (*.gypsy)
  • Click the Save button

  • Select File, Close. (You can leave DS open if you want. Just make sure the file is closed.)

  • Once you have your DS file saved as a Gypsy file follow the instructions above to import the file into CCR.


Sandi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandi said...

Thank you for a great explanation! I need to move a lot of files from design studio to my gypsy and craft room account. And this is a big help! (deleted the first comment so I could fix it!)

Unknown said...

So I have a ton of svg files from Pinterest and I have the cricut expression. I've downloaded design studio as well as craft room. Could you please help me get the svg files in the correct format to cut with expression. My email is thanks so much!

Unknown said...

My name is Becky. The above comment is mine but Idk how to make it me instead of unknown...sorry

Narelle said...

You cannot use SVG’s with the Expression unless you have a copy of the Sure Cuts a Lot 2 program. Unfortunately Sure Cuts a Lot 2 was discontinued many years ago. SVG’s can only be used with the Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker machines.

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