Friday, April 25, 2014

CRICUT: Box Card cut file error

Hi everyone! And a big old Wow! I've sent the Card Box file to over 130 people!!! Thanks so much for your interest. And a big hello to all my new followers!

I have had a couple of emails reporting that they were getting an error when they were trying to cut the file.

The error stated that "This project isn't available to purchase yet". That confused me because I had only used the free score line image and a box from the free Cricut Craft Room digital cartridge. I did that so that anyone with an Explore could cut the file.

Well, luckily before I had time to really start to panic, Brenda, one of those lovely followers figured it out. It was the font I used in the information box at the top of the design.

Thanks Brenda for saving my sanity!!

If you don't own the font I used (A Childs Year) you will get that error. There's an easy fix though.

  1. Go to the Layers box
  2. Scroll down till you find the layer that starts with Box C…
  3. Click the “eye” to hide that Layer.

The text box will be hidden from the canvas and won't appear as a layer when you click Go!

Good luck with the file and I hope you'll post a picture of your finished project using the InLinkz "Add your link" button in the previous post.

Have a great day!


Janis said...

Narelle, I love that lil box & appreciate you sending it to me. You are awesome.

TY Janis

Narelle said...

So happy you like it Janis!

Unknown said...

Ms. Narelle-- I was given this file by someone is a cricut facebook group, and I am having a huge problem getting it to load. All it does is sit there with the loading circle going around and around and around for as long as I have the file open. I was hoping maybe you could send it to me and see if that fixes it or maybe give me some sort of tips/hints/info on what might be wrong? I'm a relatively new Cricut user, but consider myself pretty computer savvy, but I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. If you could help me, that would be great. You can find me in the "Let's Learn Cricut Explore" FB page, or my e-mail is: Thank you, Corinne Klinetop

Anonymous said...

Ms. Narelle. Thank you for the box card file. However I am having the same problem as Corinne Klinetop. The file just sits there with the loading circle going round and round. If you know the solution please advise. Many thanks.
Kelly Hall

Narelle said...

Sarah, my suggestion is to close Design Space, clear your browser history and cookies, open Design Space and try opening the file again. Sadly this is a problem with having to use a program that is internet based. :(

Let me know if that works.


Anonymous said...

No that did not make it work. Still getting the never ending circle. If you have any other thoughts please let me know.
Thank you

Unknown said...

Ms. Narelle,

I can't Thank You enough for your generosity in sending this file to us all. Although we are having problems with the file, you also are doing what you can to fix the problem. I hope we all can enjoy making this wonderful box card soon.
Thanks again
Barbara C

D. Warren said...

I so appreciate your sending me the link to the box cut. But unfortunately, I too am having the forever loading circle.

D. Warren said...

Yay, Here's how I fixed it. I opened the DS from my desktop, then clicked on the link Narelle sent. It opened right up. I was clicking the link first prior.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it worked for me too. A big Thank you to Denise and Narelle.

Narelle said...

So glad you both got it to work! Thanks so much for posting. :)

Unknown said...

I got the file onto design space and it cuts but does not score, so I don't have clean lines to fold the box on. Has anyone else had this problem?

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