Saturday, May 2, 2015

CRICUT: Fixing the Design Space plugin problem in Chrome

UPDATE: Cricut Design Space no longer uses the NPAPI plugin, so this information no longer applies.

If you haven't used Design Space for a couple of weeks and you're a Google Chrome user then when you update Chrome you'll probably be repeatedly prompted to download the Design Space plugin.

Here's what you need to do to fix that problem.

Happy crafting!  ♥

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LuvtoKraft said...

There's so many people having problems with this and it's really quite simple to accomplish. Your video explains the process easily and effectively. I'm sure I'll be sharing it. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much! I was getting very frustrated.

Unknown said...

When I type that in it doesn't pop up.......

Unknown said...

When going to that link, the "enable npapi" does not show up; there are numerous others that can be enabled/disabled, but not the npapi. Any ideas?

Narelle said...

Cricut Design Space no longer uses the NPAPI plugin so this information no longer applies.

some sort of gorgeous said...

Hello my windows has updated to the windows 10 and when i am on my cricut deaign space it frequently says plug in shockwave flash that its an error or has stopped responding and crashed i can not use the design space i cant use my cricut at all please help!

Narelle said...

First make sure you're not using the Windows Edge browser.

I would suggest you give customer care a call. They should be able to help trouble shoot why you're getting so many shockwave errors.

Cricut Customer Support info

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