Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stop reinventing the wheel!

I recently spent most of a day trying to design a birthday card for my Mum. I was having a total design block but had to get it done that night as it was her birthday the next day and I was going to see her that day!

So at about 11pm I suddenly had a brain wave.... "Why don't I look at the Make it Now' projects?

15 minutes later I had chosen the card I wanted to make, selected the materials and was printing and cutting!

Here's the card I selected.

I even had the Cricut Printable Fabric that was used in the card!

Here's my version of the card. I see now that the cake in the Make it Now gallery has been raised with pop dots... but hey... I was in a hurry! ☺

I embossed the pink layer with my Cuttlebug using a Cricut embossing folder called Carmen.

I was nervous about using the printable fabric but it print and cut beautifully. I've never cut fabric with my Cricut before but the Cricut Printable fabric is great because you don't need any stabilizer! And it's self adhesive!

There's two 8.5 x 11" sheets in the pack so use it wisely my friends. :) And be aware that it's for ink jet printers only and is Non-Washable.

I used the Cricut Explore One for this card. Swapping out the blade for the score tool took just seconds! The One is a great addition to the Explore family and sits very happily beside my Explore Air. ☺

If you're thinking about buying a Cricut Explore one here's a link that will get you $20 off any Explore One bundle: Explore One bundle offer

Or if the Explore Air interests you here's the same offer for those bundles: Explore Air bundle offer

And don't forget to use the code JULYSHIP to get free standard shipping within the US.

So one card, one bunch of flowers and a nice lunch.... meant one very happy Mother!

Next time you're pulling your hair out trying to come up with an idea for a card... stop trying to reinvent the wheel and check out the Make it Now projects!

Till next time...

Happy crafting!  ♥


Hrvatica said...

That turned out great. I may have to invest in an inkjet printer just to be able to use the Cricut printable fabric!

Unknown said...

What great advice!

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