Sunday, October 26, 2014

CRICUT: Creating a shadowed word with Chalkboard Fonts

If you liked the Thank You card project that you made during the set up of your Cricut Explore here's how you can make a similar card using the Chalkboard Font cartridge.

If you don't have the Chalkboard cartridge you can purchase the individual font you need for $4.99 through Design Space. Or you can purchase the full cartridge for $39.99 or digital for 29.99. (The digital is currently on sale for $19.99)

(The other font used above is from the Art Nouveau cartridge.)

Here's what you need to do:

Type your word

Change to Chalkboard Fonts - Extended. (That's the yellow font)

Select your word and click Ungroup from the Layers menu

 Click on the eye next to the Shadow layer to Unhide it

The blue shadow layer will appear behind your word.

With just the Shadow layer selected click the Delete button.

Select your word again and click the Duplicate button from the Layers box

Move the second word below the first then using the X position move each word so that they are left aligned.

Select the top word then click on its letter in the Layers box. Click Write from the Line Type box.

Leave the second word set to Cut

Select the first word and click Ungroup. Then repeat for the second word.

Both words will now be split into individual letters.

At this point you can fix the letter spacing if necessary. I'm not happy with the R and the Y so I'll fix those.

Drag your mouse around the 2nd R in both words. Use your arrow keys to move them to the left slightly.

Repeat for the two Y's

Much better!

Click on the M in the top word, then click Contour from the Layers menu

Move your mouse over the letter and click on each of the "shadow" pieces to hide them.

When you have hidden each piece of the shadow click anywhere else on the canvas to turn off Hide Contour. You'll be left with just the outline of the letter

Repeat for each letter in that word.

Next select the first letter of the second word. This time you are going to hide the actual letter and leave the shadow.

Click on Contour then click on the letter.
Click back on the canvas and just the shadow parts will remain.

Repeat for the remaining letters.

 Select each word in turn and click Group from the Layers box

Move the top word down over the second word and align. Because you left aligned them earlier you will only need to move the word down. Use the figure in the Y properties box to make small adjustments if necessary.

When you're done it should look something like this..

When everything is aligned select both layers and click Attach.

In the example at the top of this post I added a card size rectangle behind the words, selected everything and then clicked Attach. Now your word will stay in the correct position on the card.

Happy crafting!  ♥

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