Sunday, February 9, 2014

CRICUT: CCR - Using the Autofill feature

Previously published on my Cricut Craft Room blog February 13, 2012 and updated January 9, 2013

Auto Fill is perfect for when you want a full page of a single image, or a full page of grouped images.

This tutorial is in 3 parts: Auto Filling a single object, Auto Filling multiple objects and Auto Filling using multiple mat layers. 

1. To Auto Fill a single object:

Set the size of your object in the Default Height box below the CCR keypad

  • Place your image on the mat. It doesn't matter where you place it.

  • Make sure your image is still selected (so the handles are showing) and select the Shape Properties tab

  • Set the size of the card stock you will be filling using the Auto Fill Width and Height boxes.

The default Auto Fill size is 12" x 12". If your cardstock is smaller than 12" x 12" change the Width and Height figures to correspond with your cardstock size. Eg, for 8½" x 11" you would change the it to Width 8.5", Height 11.0". (Or Width 11.0", Height 8.5" if you want to lay your paper the other way.) 
  • Press the Apply button
The mat will now be filled with your selected image. 

2. Using Auto Fill with multiple images: 
  • Place your images on the mat in the position you want them to appear after the Auto Fill. If you have multiple mats in your project make sure you put both images on the same layer.

  • Select all your objects (Ctrl A if you've only used one mat. Left click away from the objects and drag a selection box around the images) and press the Group button.

You will now see an Edit Group button which indicates that the objects have been grouped.

  • Again, go to the Shape Properties menu and set the size of your cardstock in the Auto Fill width and height boxes and press the Apply button

Your page will be filled with your grouped objects.

Each set of objects can be ungrouped if you wish to adjust it. Just click on one and press the Ungroup button. Repeat for each set of grouped objects. 

It's important to place your images on the mat where you want them to cut before you group them. This is how the same page would look after being Auto Filled if the images weren't placed beside each other.

You'll notice that this time there was only enough room to fit 3 groups of objects.

It's also important that you group your objects before Auto Filling. This is the result if you don't group the objects. Only the first object is Auto Filled. You can see the 2 objects that didn't auto fill underneath the object that did auto fill.

3. Using Auto Fill with multiple mat layers.

It's just as easy to auto fill using multiple layers. This makes it super easy if you want one page of the base image and another page of its shadow or any of its other layers. 
First, follow the instructions above to Auto fill your first layer. 

  • Once that's done click the New Layer button (the plus sign next to the Layers tab)

The layer that is active will have a light grey tab. (In the picture above that's Layer 2.)

The layer that isn't active will have a dark blue tab. (Layer 1 above.)
  • Make sure your new layer is active (by pressing on that tab).
  • Add your shadow/layer to the mat and auto fill it.

You now have two mats full of objects ready to cut!


Vanessa said...

Thank you! I didn't realize auto-fill was available in CCR!

The Morrison's Life said...

Okay I'm just getting started with using the craft room. What do you do next? With the two layers? Two pieces of and stock?

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