Monday, February 3, 2014

CRICUT: Design Studio - Errors

This tutorial originally published on my old Design Studio blog 16th January 2011.

There are several errors that pop up in Design Studio occasionally. I thought I'd start a list and the possible causes and fix for them.

1. "Out of memory"

Just before you see this error your DS screen will go blank apart from a red X. 

This usually happens when you are stretching a rectangle from the George cartridge and you are viewing the page at 100% but it can happen any time. Luckily not too often!

How can you fix this without losing all your work?
  • Click the Continue button. The message box will go away and you will see a blank screen with just the Red X.
  • Select File, Save (or Save As and give it a name if you haven't saved the file previously).
  • Once the file has saved select File, Close
  • Select File, Open and open your file. Your work should reappear up to the point just before you got the error.
  • Change your view to Fit View and delete the offending rectangle.
  • Save your work again and continue.
How do you stop this happening?

Try using the square shape from George instead of the rectangle. 

2. "String was not recognized as a valid date/time."

This error pops up when you open a file that was created in a country that uses a different date format to yours.

Here's a link to a previous post I did on this error and how to fix it

3. "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" 
This one usually means that you don't have the cart used in the design in your DS cartridge library - either because you have removed that cart from the c:/programfiles/cricut software/Cricut DesignStudio/Cricut Fonts directory OR because you need to update DS to include that cart.

Make sure Design Studio is up to date (including the two cartridge updates.)

If you removed carts from the Cricut Fonts directory here's the info on adding them back in. (It's towards the end of the post):

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