Monday, February 3, 2014

CRICUT: Design Studio - Positioning your paper on the mat

This tutorial originally posted on my old Design Studio blog - 23rd November, 2010

When first using Design Studio it can be a little confusing working out where to position your paper on the mat. 

Here's the easiest way I know:

Look at the virtual mat on the DS screen. On the left of the mat is an arrow.

Now look at your real mat. It has a matching arrow.

Place your real mat in front of your computer monitor with the arrow facing to the left.

Now that the two mats are matching, place the paper on your mat so that it covers the design on your virtual mat.

All you need to do now is insert the mat into the cricut (arrow first) and press the Cut button in DS.

You can also load the mat backwards. Just think of the hanging hole as another arrow. Make sure you place the paper accordingly though.

Hope that makes sense. Sorry for the glare in the photo... AND the finger prints on the monitor!!

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