Thursday, February 20, 2014

CRICUT - Pagoda cartridge Kanji Symbols

The names of the Kanji symbols in the Pagoda handbook are quite difficult to read. In fact many people don't realise the names are even in the handbook.

So I've put together this table. It shows a picture of the symbol, the name and the page number that it appears on in the handbook.

You should be able to enlarge the picture by clicking on it. You can then right click and save it to your computer.

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Maria said...

What a neat thing to come across! I just happened across your page while looking for something else, and now I am extra glad I did! I am going to share your page with some friends who I know will also love it! :) Thanks for taking the time to explain the Pagoda cartridge symbols.

Sharon said...

Thank You! very neat

Ladybug said...

Thanks so much, Narelle. I've struggled w/ these for years. :-)

Unknown said...

Perfect...Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this for all of us. Very sweet. I love the Pagoda Cartridge and this makes it even better.

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