My free cut files

Please remember: These files are for your PERSONAL USE ONLY and should not be shared via upload; email or in any Facebook/Yahoo/Patreon or other type of group/page. 

Please don't take credit for my files and claim them as your own and definitely do not sell the files! 

If you post a photo of your card anywhere credit would be appreciated. 

Remember all I ask is that you become a follower of my blog and I would also appreciate it if you would join my Facebook group Cricut Explore, Maker and More.   You'll find a lot more files that I have created and shared in that group. 

As the Gypsy is no longer available I have removed any links to those projects. 

A2 Side step card

Design Space 3 file:
(That version has no layers. It's just the base as you see it above.)

Design Space 3 file:
This version is slightly different and has some layers.

Box Card


I have two new Design Space versions of this box card available. A top note version and a scalloped version. They are currently only available in my Facebook group. 
Please join Cricut Explore Maker and More if you wish to access those files. 

Design Space file:

Assembly instructions here:

Cathedral Windows patchwork card

Design Space file can be found in my Cricut Explore, Maker and More Facebook group:

Square Tissue Box cover

Design Space file:

Cutting/Assembly instructions here:

Tri-fold Shutter card

Design Space file:

Link to assembly instructions:

Wine glass box

This Design Space project includes both a stemmed version and a stemless version.

Lever Card

Design Space file:

Here's a link to a video that shows how to put one together:

Sideways Box Card

Design Space file:

More info here:

Waterfall card

3 flap version:

4 flap version:

5x7 Centre step card

Design Space file:

Easel card with drawer

Design Space file:

Assembly instructions here:

Magic Card

Based on a project by Marianne Skjelstad.

Design Space file:

Assembly video by Tracylovestoscrap:

Tea Bag folder

Design Space file:

More info here:

Tic Tac holders

Design Space file:

Assembly video here: (Courtesy of Sam at

Swing Card

Cutting instructions: (click to enlarge)

Reindeer card

Design Space file:

Instructions: (click to enlarge)

Simple gatefold card:

Design Space file:

Clothes divider:

Design Space file:

Blocks card and chunky envelope:

Details of where you can find this cutting file are here:

More to come!


Unknown said...

thank you for sharing I am so happy that I found you on Youtube first and then found your blog.

J said...

Just got my Explore and I have literally been exploring:)
I am not new to Cricut machines so I knew what I was looking for.
I found you and with relief I say THANK YOU!
It can be a bit challenging to find what your looking for but
with your help I was able complete the project I wanted.
Again Thanks, I have signed up to follow U:)

Penny Estrada said...

Thank you for sharing all your great ideas. I am new to CCR and I can really learn a lot from you.

Unknown said...

I'm having some trouble determining how to download the box card. I need the file for Cricut Design Space and some instruction what I do after I down load the file and how to get it into Design Space. Thanks!

Narelle said...

Sondra, If you're clicking on the Design Space file link it should be opening the file for you in Design Space. There's nothing else you need to do.

If it's not working try copying the link then pasting it into the Address bar in your browser.

Unknown said...

Just found your post on Facebook about Inkscape, not sure I will ever use it but saved your link just in case. I also linked to follow you as well as just from what I see I think I may learn allot from you.I have had my explore since early release as at the time I was a HSN employee so got it early and with 3 months free DS and also for such a real good price I just couldn't resist. I love making cards by hand and with dies etc and really thought this would be a dream for me and my cards but you know I have made one card... the one you make that the DS has you make to learn. I have tried other things but nothing works out, and am seriously thinking of putting on ebay and selling as just not getting the enjoyment I thought I would. I have gone through many many tutorials and maybe I just have a block but it's just not working for me. Any suggestions before it rots away into my floor.


Narelle said...

Sending you an email Jewel. :)

Narelle said...

Jewel, your email address is bouncing so I'll post my reply here:

The first thing I would do is NOT watch any youtube videos other than the official Cricut ones until you are more confident with Design Space.

As you like to make cards, you might find the Make it Now Cards section a good place to start.

From the opening Make it Now screen click on the filter in the top right corner and select Cards. Find a card you like the look of then you can either click Make it Now to be taken straight to the cut screen, or you can click Customize to change it up.

Clicking Customize is a great way to see how the cards have been put together.

If there's a particular project you have in mind (cards or anything else), let me know and I can give you more help.

Above all.... don't give up! :)


Unknown said...

Hi Narella,

Never really thought that the utube stuff might be a bit over my ability but now that you recommend using DS and first get comfortable with some basic things then go on and work on customizing and changing up some some things until I learn the machines capabilities and some things about DS. Gonna give your suggestion a try and hope that will help me learn more and see what happens. Thanks for your great suggestions, encouragement and offer of help, I will definitely call on you for assistance as I go along. I have no Idea why your email bounced but I don't mind getting your posts here if it is ok with you. Might be a system problem. I am getting a new high tech comp tomorrow from that 24 hr sale as this one is so old my keys on the key board all stick and my space bar doesn't work, drives me nuts so a new comp will also give more encouragement to try things.

Thanks again so much

Busy Bucharoo said...

Thank you for sharing your files and all the hard work that goes into the information you share on your blog. It's very helpful.

Sandy said...

Hi Narelle:

I posted a link to your blog for the box card in our "Crafting Circle" site. I hope that's OK.

If you've never seen our site, please check it out at

Also, thanks for all the good work you do for all of us Cricut fans. (I subscribe to both your blog and the Cricut Lovers Guide to Design Space and love them both.)

Narelle said...

Hi Sandy

Yes, of course it's ok to link to my blog and I thank you very much for doing that. :)

I'll be sure to check out the Crafting Circle site.


CraftNinja-ks said...

Yayyy!! Thank you for being so generous! I have wanted to make a box card for SO long and thought I wouldn't get it right. You made it SO easy! You made my YEAR! I want to make one for everybody I know! Thank you!!

Roz said...

You are a GEM! <3

Unknown said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!! I don't understand why Expressions 2 cannot be used on the Craft space site, ONLY the Craft Room which is so very limited!!! I use my cricket to cut vinyl patterns for glass etching. I need a Marines Emblem
I also need a medical Caduceus as my daughter is graduating ASU and going to Med School in the fall. I also enjoy making Arizona Cardinals and ASU logo glasses for my husband. I have a project for a wedding that must be done today for a friend-Marine who will be getting married before he is deployed overseas.I have sat in front of my computer and cricut now for almost 24hrs straight downloading everything I can find, transferring images to SVG, JPG, you name it and just cannot get it to work. There HAS got to be a way to do this!!!!!?????? I contacted Cricut support and of course they said I have to have the Newest $400 model. :^/
Can anyone on here help? You ALL seem very knowledgeable!

Thank you sooooo much!

Unknown said...

I am so thrilled to have found your blog...I would love to be able to use the wine box to package wine glasses in that I make for weddings...however I have found that they are too small for the wine glasses that I typically buy at the Dollar Tree...I am wondering if you would be able to tell me how to adjust the box so they would fit? Looking forward to hearing from you!! my email address is Dawn McKee

Narelle said...

Brandi, the Expressions 2 was made with older technology. Unfortunately it's strictly a cartridge based machine. As is the Cricut Craft Room program. And as you've found, the E2 isn't compatible with Cricut Design Space. That's strictly for the Explore.

To use non-cricut images and fonts you do in fact need one of the Explore range of Cricuts. However they don't cost $400. In fact the Explore One machine has been as low as $100 at Walmart. (Currently $199)

The top of the line Explore model (the Explore Air) is currently available at for $249.99 less 10% and free US shipping if you use the code HAPPYCRAFTING.

Here's the link to the Explore Air page at cricut: You can also check the prices of the Explore One machine there.

It's also available at Amazon for $239.98.

Sorry it's not the answer you were hoping for.


(Both links above are my affiliate links. If you don't wish to use that link you can go directly to or and search for the Cricut Explore. :)

Narelle said...

Dawn, provided you keep everything grouped you can select all and use the resize handle to stretch all the layers of the box. They'll be kept in proportion and will cut at the correct size. I use the largest piece of the box (the large red piece in the file) as a guide when I'm resizing. Make sure it is less than 11.5 x 11.5" so that it still fits on the 12x12 mat.

Here's the link to a slightly larger version that I just created using the above instructions:

Larger wine box DS file

Anonymous said...

Narelle, if we make a card with your design are we allowed to sell the card?

Narelle said...

K-Bear... Sure! Have at it. I'll go change the info at the top of this post. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Narelle, I have asked to join your Facebook page. I haven't had my Cricut Explore Air that long and I don't have any cards on my page but I am a crafter. I hope you'll be able to okay me joining. I like making cards, quilling, sewing and patchwork. Thank you so much for the fantastic card files they are very inspiring 😊. All the best, Julie.

Narelle said...

I don't see a request Julie. It's possible you've requested to join the group I used to Admin for. I left there in January and now have my own group - Cricut Explore and More. Would love to see your there.

I'll go and edit the info on this page. Thanks! :)

Julie said...

Thank you for your kindness in sharing your files with us! They are all so nice!

Unknown said...

Hi! I am WAY late to the party, but wondering how to upload the box card file into design space beta. Can you help?

Narelle said...

Hi Darla. Here is the Design Space 3 link to the plain box card:

Plain box card DS3

The scalloped and top not versions are available in the Design Space Projects Links album in my Facebook group: Cricut Explore and More

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for generously posting your great files for us to use.

Unknown said...

How do you share your files that you created using the copy and paste URL in design space. I've been told it only works for Cricut images but I have seen others sharing their files like you are. How do you do it in DS3. Thank you so much

Narelle said...

Only Design Space files that consist of just Cricut images (and any font) can be shared.
If the project contains an uploaded image (an SVG for eg) it cannot be shared.

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