Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CRICUT - Comparison Chart CCR vs Ds vs Gypsy vs Design Space

Cricut Craft Room/Design Studio/Gypsy/Design Space

A comparison by Narelle Darley – The Non-Crafty Crafter
(Updated to add Design Space - 18/02/2014

* If you use PC emulating software you can run DS on a Mac
** Whilst you can use the Jukebox with CCR you may still have to press the correct button to select your cart/s.
*** Unless you save your DS file as a Gypsy file.


KarenB said...

It's a shame that Provocraft has not learned anything from its customer's complaints, suggestions and past failures, i.e. Cricut Imagine, Cricut Cake and Gypsy. Everytime they come out with a new model, it's never compatible with all the accessories used on previous models. I own 2 Jute Boxes and that was a hefty investment in their heyday! I think I paid $89 each!! They won't work with the new model, so why would I want to upgrade? I also own a Gypsy- another wasted "investment." I even had a Cricut Cake that I never used and sold on Ebay. I also own CDS- a $69 investment.
Need I say more ...
I would not invest in another Provocraft machine that may be "discontinued" in a year or two because of poor performance or sales. I think Provocraft missed the boat-
so many people have sold or abandoned their Cricut for a new machine from a more reliable company(me included). It might be too late, but In order for Provocraft to be successful it FIRST needs to improve its Customer relationship or it's going to keep failing with poor sales due to fewer customers.

Linda said...

I totally agree, KarenB. I loved my machines, carts, etc but finally had to realize that they would not do all that I wanted. I sold all and moved on. I hope that those buying this new machine will not be disappointed. The one feature I was really interested in, print and cut, is not available yet. But my other machine has been doing it right out of the box. I do agree that the new program, Design Space looks easy to use (still looking for a good video showing exactly what it does) it doesn't take long to figure out my other machine's program.

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